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How to share files via cloud

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Do you have to send a file to your contact but the size exceeds the threshold supported by your email? In these cases, the most suitable solution without any doubt provided by the Cloud. In fact, there are several web services that allow you to exchange files for free and with the utmost simplicity, often without even the need to register or authenticate. In this guide you will see how to share files via cloud, what services to use and how they work.

How to send files via the Cloud

The Cloud is definitely the best solution for sharing large files. There are various services on the web that allow you to exchange files easily and securely via the Cloud. Here are the best services currently available.

Transfer files to the Cloud with WeTrasfer

You have certainly heard of WeTransfer. It is one of the best cloud services found on the internet, distinguishing itself from the competition especially thanks to its simplicity of use. To share a file, all you have to do is go to the main page of the WeTransfer website, enter your and the recipient's email address and upload the file you want to send. Once the upload is complete, the recipient will receive a private link via e-mail to download the file. With the free version you can share files with a maximum size of 2 GB, but if they are not enough, you can increase this limit up to 20 GB by subscribing to a Plus subscription at a cost of 12 euros per month. With the subscription you can also protect your files with a password.

Share files on the Cloud with

Service similar to WeTransfer Once the file is uploaded, you can share it via e-mail, inserting the recipient's e-mail, or copying the private link that is automatically created by the site after uploading. Just like on WeTrasfer, you can share files up to a maximum of 2 GB for free or, alternatively, register and increase the maximum size of individual files to 1 GB or 200 GB. The cost is respectively 1.99 and $ 3.99 per month for annual payments.

Send files to the Cloud with SendAnywhere

SendAnywhere definitely the most complete Cloud service of all. accessible via Web interface, app for Android, iOS and Windows as well as via desktop client on Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. there is also an extension for Chrome and one for Outlook that allows you to integrate it better with Office and WordPress. The service allows you to send free files with a maximum size of 4 GB that can be shared via email or private link.

Share files via cloud with Jumpshare

Jumpshare offers screen capture and annotation tools, screen recording and of course file sharing via drag and drop; the service includes a web-based interface but offers its best when installing the native client, available for Windows, macOS and iOS (the upcoming Android version).

Jumpshare known for its online preview functions, which allow you to view over two hundred file formats, both via the Web and via the app for mobile devices. Furthermore, the service recognizes links to many third-party services and allows you to integrate the original content into the document: if a saved article contains a link to a YouTube video, for example, the Jumpshare viewer will allow you to reproduce it without changing the context.

The free version requires registration and allows you to store up to 2 Gbytes of information, with a maximum file size of 100 Mbytes. Paid subscription Plus increases the global storage limit to 1 Tbyte and unlocks access to some advanced features, such as automatic expiration, password protection, file destruction and powerful download and visualization analysis tools. Jumpshare Plus costs $ 9.99 a month or 99 a year.

It is an excellent solution to share files via cloud, but this service is also useful for saving your data or backing up your hard drive. In this article you will discover the best free cloud services with the most space.

If you use different cloud services to store your files, there is a service that allows you to manage all the services with a single application. Find out how.