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How to resolve "You do not have permission to send to this recipient"

Some time ago I configured Exchange Server on a virtual machine to play with it and see if I could get a mail server to work properly. I thought I had done quite well because I was able to send and receive messages internally on the network and I was able to send e-mails to the Internet.

However, when I logged in to a computer outside my network using the remote desktop and tried to send an email to an account created on Exchange Server, I received the following message:

 Non hai il permesso di inviare a questo destinatario. Per assistenza, contattare l'amministratore di sistema. 

Followed by some kind of message forwarding error:

Note that if you came to this page because you are trying to send an email to someone and you are not sure if a problem on your side or on the receiving end, certainly with the receiving side! In this case, you need to call back the person you are trying to send by e-mail and tell them to notify the network or e-mail administrator of the problem.

basically a configuration problem with Exchange Server that needs to be solved. So if your domain users can't receive emails from outside the internal network, here's what you need to do.

Fix the Exchange problem

Step 1 : in Exchange System Manager, expand Server, expand Protocols and therefore SMTP .

Step 2 : select the SMTP virtual server that you are using to connect to the outside and right-click and select Options or Properties.

Step 3 : in the tab Access, click on Forwarding .

Step 4 : first, select Only the list be bass. Now you want to clear the check box Authorize forwarding on authenticated computers or Allow all computers that authenticate successfully to forward and click on the button Users .

Step 5 : select the boxes Allow for authenticated users ( sending authorization is reply authorization ).

This all! Now all you need to do is start and stop the SMTP server from the main console window in Exchange! External users should now be able to send emails to your domain without getting the "Unable to forward" or "You do not have permission to send to this recipient" error. To enjoy!