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How to install macOS Mojave from USB pendrive

Apple has finally officially released the new version of the MacOS Mojave operating system. Do you own a Mac and you want to do a clean installation of the new operating system so as not to run the risk of having "bad surprises" after the upgrade? You've come to the right place, then. In this guide we will explain how install macOS Mojave from pendrive USB.

This procedure guarantees a zero installation of the operating system and not as an update of the system currently installed on the Mac. As you know, in this last case, the files of the old system and the backup files remain in memory. If you want to format the entire disk with the new operating system, I suggest you follow this guide.

How to install macOS Mojave from pendrive usb

Mojave the name of the latest version of the Mac OS operating system for Mac. The innovations introduced are different and very interesting, such as the Dark Mode, the new dynamic background, Pile and much more. If you are interested in updating your Mac, probably the safest choice is to perform a clean installation of the operating system. Here's how.

How to create pendrive with installation file

To install the operating system from a pendrive, first you need to prepare an installable USB pen. To do this you need to download and install the programdiskmakerX, which allows you to create a USB stick with the MacOS installation file in a virtually automatic way. The procedure to prepare the pendrive to install the operating system can be found below, follow it carefully.

1. Download diskmakerXon the Mac from this address.

2. Download macOS Mojave from the App Store and when the download ends, do absolutely nothing. In fact, at the end of the download, a window will open automatically,DO NOT press the Continue button and close the window!

install macOS Mojave from pendrive download

3. After downloading the MacOS Mojave file, connect a USB pen with at least 8 GB free to your Mac and start the diskmakerX program. The program will automatically recognize the MacOS Mojave installation file just downloaded on your Mac. Click on the button Use this copy

install macOS Mojave from pendrive Copy the system

4. At this point you will be asked whether to use the entire memory of the connected USB Pen or just a partition. If you click on the button ERASE ALL DISK the entire pendrive will be formatted, erasing any contents inside it. And the recommended choice but not if you have other things saved on the pen.

5. A new window will now appear in which you will have to select the name of the external disk (pen) from the list. Select the name of the inserted USB stick and press on the button "Choose this disk". At this point the process of creating the USB stick with MacOS Mojave will start. The operation will take at least 20 minutes. You will be able to view the progress through the Notification of the Notification Center.

NB: during the creation of the USB stick, you will notice the MacOS Mojave disk on the desktop but it will not mean that the operation is already finished. When it finishes, in fact, the USB stick will open automatically and various messages will appear on the screen. Until then, let the program work without interrupting it.

MacOS Mojave clean installation

At this point you will have everything you need to perform a clean installation of macOS Mojave using the USB stick. Here is the procedure to follow:

CAUTION: Before proceeding with the initialization of the disk, I advise you to double check the data backup that is complete and successful so as not to risk losing sensitive data.

  • Turn off your Mac.
  • Connect the USB stick with MacOS Mojave installed to the Mac when turned off.
  • Start the system while holding down the button halt (SYMBOL)and wait until the HDD symbols appear on the screen.
  • Select the orange one that symbolizes your USB stick that you have connected to your Mac.
  • Wait for the installation system to load, initially the apple symbol will appear with the loading bar underneath. This procedure could take several minutes, depending on the type of pendrive you used.
  • After waiting for the upload, you will be asked to choose the language of the installation system.
  • Next the panel will open MacOS utility, where you will have the opportunity to perform various operations. Your need in this step is to initialize the disk.Open thenDisk Utility.
  • At this point, it is sufficient to select the main HDD / SSD in the list of disks (generally equivalent to the first option) and then click on the buttonInitialize.
  • As you can see, the system will allow you to create multiple partitions based on your needs by simply clicking on the button+. If you are interested in creating a single partition to install the clean system, you will need to enter the name of the partition, which by default should be Macintosh HD(we advise you to keep it to avoid future problems). Then select the format of the disc that must be MANDATORY: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and click on apply.
  • At this point you can close the window Disk Utility clicking on x top left and you will return to the MacOS Utility screen, where you can proceed with the installation of the system by clicking on MacOS installation.

To install macOS Mojave from pendrive, all you need to do is click on the buttonKeep it going to proceed with the installation and wait, because 20 to 40 minutes will be required to complete the installation, depending on the type of disk installed on your Mac.