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How to hide a friend's Facebook post

If you have an annoying friend on Facebook that you want to strongly delete but you can't for various reasons, here's how hide post Facebook of your friends without taking away the friendship. We all have Facebook friends who publish posts and photos to which we are not interested and which we would like to eliminate. But turning the friendship around could be rude. The best way to act in these situations is simply to remain friends by concealing loropost in your Timeline.

Certainly you may not accept the request for friendship of these people, but I understand that you would not want to find yourself in the situation in which these real friends of yours begin to wonder why you did not accept their request for virtual friendship. Just to meet this need, which below I will show you how to hide your friends' Facebook posts without taking away their friendship.

As we have said, you can simply not accept their friend request, but sometimes you don't know how to come out of that situation, when I ask him why he doesn't want to accept his friend request. In any case, here's how to hide a friend's Facebook post without refusing his friendship.

How to hide a friend's Facebook post

Most often, when people complain about their Facebook friends, usually because those friends post annoying things that aren't funny at all. Facebook gives you the opportunity to post interesting things, such as holiday photos, cute photos of your pets, and funny anecdotes about early events that may have happened recently.

However, many of your Facebook friends publish annoying political rants or stupid selfies that you prefer not to see. Usually, most of your friends post these posts only once in a while, but there are those few friends who only post annoying posts. These are the people you want to hide.

To hide all the posts of a Facebook friend, just open the Facebook app on any platform on your smartphone and go to your profile and click on the "Follow gi?, Which found cover photo.

hide post Facebook

From here, select "Do not follow more". From now on, none of his posts will appear on your Facebook Timeline, the only way to see your messages is to manually visit the profile.

hide post Facebook 1

If you don't want to stop completely following a friend on Facebook, there is also another option that you can use.

The next time you view a friend's post to view their posts, you can click on the small arrow in the upper right corner of the post and then select "Don't follow Mario anymore"(Or the name of another friend).

hide post Facebook 2If you click on "Hide post", You can hide that specific post, and a new option will appear, which says:"Vedimeno post diMario".This last option hides some of this friend, but not all of them. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine which message to show and which to hide.

hide post Facebook 3This is all you need to do to hide a friend's Facebook post so they don't appear in your Timeline. The interesting aspect that your friend will never know that you have hidden his messages and you can still remain friendly on Facebook.