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How to find stolen iPhone

If you are reading this article, then I suppose you have just lost your beloved iPhone or iPad, or worse, someone has stolen it from you. In both cases, I think you're in desperation and want the device, but also the data it contains, to come back into your possession or not go into the wrong hands. Fortunately, there is a way to track it down, block it or delete your data remotely. The following procedure allows you to find stolen iPhone and keep track of a lost or stolen Macbook.

Find iPhone stolen or lost using iCloud

Important note: If you have not activated "Find my iPhone / iPad / Mac" when setting the device, this method does not work.

Although you can download the official app "Find my iPhone", You may not even have it to locate stolen or lost iPhone. This means that the app does not need to be installed on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. The good thing is that "Find my iPhone" is a service based on Apple's cloud. The application is just another way to access this service to locate your iPhone or other Apple devices. If you have an iPad or a second iPhone, you can also install the application and try to find and find stolen iPhone. Otherwise, all you need is a browser, your Apple ID and your account password.

Also, don't be too worried that someone can connect your device to iCloud, turn off "Find My iPhone" or reset the device. If you have OS7 or a later version, a function called "Lock activation"Prevent anyone from doing any of these things without the password of your Apple ID.

Let's go back to the way to track down and find stolen or lost iPhone. Find iPhone with the procedures we offer below:

1. Log in to Cloud and start "Find my iPhone"

Go to the and log in using your AppleID credentials. Once you have logged in and two-factor authentication, the cloud's Vedrailadashboard with different icons. Click on the "Find iPhone?Which you find in the second row. find stolen iPhoneYou should now see the "Find iPhone" interface, including a map.

2. Select the lost device and start the process to locate iPhone

  1. Click on the drop-down menu "All devices?On the top bar and select the stolen device.
  2. Your device's monitoring can begin.
  3. If successful, you should be able to see the iPhone's location on the map.
  4. Now you can activate "emit sound", Activate the"lost mode"Or choose"initialize the iPhone".

It will take time and this depends on different factors. Also, use the "initialize iPhone"As a last resort, since" Find iPhone "will no longer work on the device.find iPhone 2If you activate it "lost mode?, The device will be locked with a password and a message will be displayed together with a phone number, so that the person who found the iPhone hopefully will contact you to return your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The "lost mode" has the ability to activate location services on your iPhone or iPad, if they are disabled. Therefore, there is no need to worry in the event that you have realized that they are turned off. This function will remain active until the device remains "lost mode".

Basically this is all you need to do to monitor and track stolen or lost iPhone. Please note that the lost device must be switched on and in some way connected to the Internet. If "cellular data" is turned off or the device is not connected to a WiFi network, you will not be able to monitor it and use "Find My iPhone". The only hope is to wait and hope that the thief or someone who has found him, connects to the web. Fortunately, there is no need to continually check the Cloud site. If the device is offline, you can wait for Apple to send you a notification once the device is lost again online.find stolen iPhone 3

Plan B: Use Google Location History (now Timeline) to find stolen iPhone

Note: This method only works if you have the position and history function of the positions enabled on your iPhone (or iPad).

find stolen iPhone 4You are probably aware that Apple and Google collect information on all sorts of things, including our position. While this is an invasion of privacy and some people intentionally disable localization services on their devices, it can be very useful when you lose your phone.

Google Timeline (formerly Location History) reports on a map all the data of your position collected by your iPhone. Yes, Google not only stores all the data on the location of your phone, but also makes it accessible with a good interface.

Basically, you can see on a map where you've been. With this tool, you can see where the phone was lost the last time you sent your Google location data. In case your iPhone still connected to the web, it will continue to send its location so you can see exactly where it is and go to get it. Even if the battery is used up, it is possible to see its last position reported.

To view the location history, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Select today's date at the top left of the screen (or click on the "Today").
  3. Watch the timeline on the left side and scroll to the end to find the last position reported by your iPhone. You can also check all the registered points on the map. Make sure you also check the time so you don't know the last position, but also when the phone was last connected to the internet and communicated with Google.
  4. Before going to get it. Try using location data to see if your iPhone is simply waiting to be picked up, or if it moves. If your iPhone is moving, you need to contact the authorities and ask them to help you recover the (apparently) stolen device. I don't advise you to go alone, because you don't know the kind of person you can find in front of you.

find stolen iPhone 5

Frequently asked questions about "find my iPhone"

We have finished the advice on how to find stolen or lost iPhones, but this article can raise doubts and questions common to many, so I thought I would respond to frequent quellepi.

I hope these insights will help you find your iPhone.

"Can I monitor my iPhone if it is turned off, in airplane mode or not connected to the internet?"

Allow me to ask you can you access the Googles browser on your phone if the phone is switched off, in airplane mode or has no data connection? In fact … you can't. The same thing applies to phone monitoring. As long as it does not have an active connection to the Internet, the phone will not be able to send location data.

As soon as the iPhone returns online, "Find my iPhone" will alert you. It allows you to locate the device as soon as possible. You can also check your Google Maps Timeline (see above) on the last position reported by the phone on Google.

"Can I find my iPhone if someone turns off location services?"

Fortunately, even if a stranger on your iPhone turns off "location services", you can still locate the device. With "Find my iPhone" you can activate the so-called "Lost mode".

This feature activates the location services on your iPhone remotely and immediately tries to locate it. It remains active until the device is unlocked.

"Can I still find my iPhone if I have already deleted my iPhone?"

Bad news. Once you have activated the "initialize iPhone" function, it is no longer possible to identify and find stolen iPhone. The sense behind deleting a mobile phone is to delete everything, including personal data, images, user settings and all access (including iCloud).

Without an iCloud or Google account connected, monitoring is not possible. I suggest you try using Google Maps Timeline to get the last recorded position of the phone.

"I forgot my iCloud password and can't find my iPhone. How do I get my password again? "

In order to use "Find My iPhone", you must log in to your iCloud account. If you have forgotten your password, then this is not possible. Apple has a simple procedure to reset the password of your Apple ID (the same as on iCloud). To reset your password, you need to know the email address of the Apple ID.

Below you will find the steps to follow:find stolen iPhone 6

  1. In your browser
  2. Under the registration fields, click on "Forgot your Apple ID or password?"
  3. Enter your Apple ID e-mail address and click Keep it going.
  4. There are two ways to reset the password. Either by receiving an email to your email address or by answering the security question set during the creation of the Apple ID account.
  5. Choose one of the options (the simplest one in the e-mail address)
  6. If you have chosen the method "Receive an e-mail", Check your e-mail account and see how to reset your Apple ID password. If you do not receive an e-mail within an hour, check your other e-mail accounts. Maybe the wrong one was selected and not the actual backup account you selected when you created your Apple ID.
  7. In the email, click on the password reset link and follow the instructions given to you. You will need to answer some security questions that you have set before and enter your date of birth.
  8. After that, you can enter a new password and confirm the password reset. This all. Please note that you must log in to your Apple account on all Apple devices with the new password, as the old one no longer works.

What happens if I am not near my computer to monitor the iPhone?

In that case, ask friends or look for a stranger with an iPhone. You can track your lost iPhone with the "Find My iPhone" application on another device. Just log in to your iCloud account.

With this procedure find iPhone, iPad or Mac lost or stolen. If you've solved with this Apple service, tell us about your experience.