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How to export Gmail contacts to other accounts

export Gmail contacts

When you change your email address and switch to another provider, it may be difficult to transfer your contacts from the previous account to another. Fortunately, there are several tools that allow you to export and transfer your contacts easily and painlessly from one account to another. In this guide we will explain how export Gmail contacts, so that you can transfer them to any other account even of clients other than Google.

How to export Gmail contacts

If you are looking for a solution to be able to export Gmail contacts to another account (Libero, Outlook, Virgilio and others), you will surely be happy to know that there is a method that will allow you to easily transfer your stored contacts to Gmail. fast, so you don't have to write them down one by one.

Following the steps that you will find below, you will find out how to export contacts from Gmail and transfer your entire address book from Google email account to any other email service or client without the risk of losing someone on the street.

How to go to Contacts

First, go to the "Contacts?Of Gmail. To do this, you will need to connect to your Google account and, on the home screen, click on the "Google app"Top right (icon with nine dots), then select the" Contacts "item.

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<p>At this point, in the new window that opens, you will see in the center of the screen the list of Contacts saved on your account, while, on the bar on the left the options menu. Exactly, among the voices of this last men you will find the option that will allow you to export your contacts. Here's how.</p>
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Procedure for exporting Gmail Contacts

In the menu to the left you will find a list of functions, among which you also see the entry "Export". It is obvious that you will have to click on this "Export" item to get the complete list of Contacts.

A banner will appear in which you will be asked whether to export only the selected contacts or all the contacts in the address book. If you want to export them all, of course, check the writing "Contacts (?)". If you want to export only some contacts, you will first have to manually select the ones you want and then choose to export only the selected contacts.

contact formats

Once you have selected the option you want, you will also have to choose the format between three different options available:Google CSV format, CSV Outlook format or VCard format. With the CSV format you can open them with Microsoft Excel to check their integrity, while with vCard you can open them on iOS devices.

At this point all you have to do is press the "button"Export"To download the file with the list of all your Gmail contacts on your PC.

Once you have the file, which you will find in the "Download" folder on your computer, all you have to do is import them into the account or mail service you want, such as Free, Outlook, Virgilio and others. Easy, isn't it?

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