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How to disable paid services on your mobile

While we browse on the internet with a mobile phone we often come across payment services (subscription / premium) which provide, for the note, the payment of a fee – weekly or monthly – in exchange for an "exclusive" service. These services are often misleadingly activated and involve a high cost, but fortunately they can be deactivated at any time. Every telephone operator, in fact, allows you to be able to deactivate paid services in a rather simple manner. Do you want to deactivate a paid service on your phone and don't know how to do it? Don't worry, I'll show you the proper procedure below.

How to disable paid services with the main telephone operators

Did you come across a paid service on your mobile and want to disable it? You've come to the right place. In fact, this article will show you how to quickly and easily deactivate subscription services on your smartphone. The procedure varies depending on the telephone operator.

Deactivate paid services with TIM

If you have a TIM number, you can deactivate the subscription services by calling the Client Service at number 119 or by accessing the MyTIM Mobile private area (only from a PC).

Alternatively, you can deactivate the servicesby sending an SMS to 119 with written deactivation of VAS services followed by one of these items:

  • VM18 (to deactivate sexy services forbidden to children under 18);
  • Charity (to deactivate charitable donation services);
  • Anonymous and Scherzi (to deactivate anonymous text messages);
  • BL TuuTuuTIM (to deactivate ringtone service with ringtone);
  • Black List Ticketing (to deactivate bus or other payment by credit / telephone account)
  • Banking Services (to deactivate bank information / notification services)

If you wish to disable all paid services and block future activations, just send an SMS to 119 with the VAS services deactivated.

If you want in the futurereactivate the VAS services you will need to talk to an operator by calling 119.

I remind you that you can ask for thereimbursement of all the services involuntarily activated within 12 days from activationby calling 119, or by sending an SMS to 119 with written request for unsolicited VAS services.

Deactivate Vodafone subscription services

Vodafone, in order to avoid the involuntary activation of subscription services, usually provides a confirmation via SMS. If this does not happen for you or you want to deactivate a service after using it, you can do so by accessing yoursDIY area on the Vodafone website, entering your username and password and following the following steps:

  1. Select the mobile number for which you want to deactivate the services
  2. Press, on the left, on the item Your offer and then on Manage your promotions
  3. select the service you wish to deactivate and click on the appropriate button

As for i refunds the advice is to contact the customer number 190 as soon as possible. From personal experience, more than once the reimbursement was made immediately after speaking with the telephone operator.

Deactivate paid services with Wind

Things are a bit more complicated for Wind. The operator, in fact, manages the contents dividing them into three categories.

  • Adult content
  • Additional services (numbers starting with 899 or with decade 4)
  • Subscription services

The methods to follow to disable the three types of service are the following:

To deactivate and block adult content, you must send the completed form by registered mail, which you can download from the Wind site, to the following address:

Wind Tre S.p.A PO Box 14155 Milan 65 Post Office 20152 MILAN MI

To deactivate the services at extra cost, you can do this by calling 155, contacting a Wind sales point or accessing the Customer Area.

To deactivate subscription servicesinstead, you will need to send an SMS with the word STOP to 48048, or, if you are dealing with services throughMMS for a fee, send an SMS with the word STOP to 48005.

Block paid services with 3

Finally, to block the subscription services with the telephone provider 3, in which the services are charged to theremaining credit or onBank accountjust call the toll-free number 133.

By calling in time you can also count on a refund (however at the discretion of the operator).