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How to connect Bluetooth mouse to Windows 10

connect Bluetooth mouse to Windows 10

Do you have a notebook, a tablet or a 2-in-1 convertible device like Surface Pro with Windows 10 that you want to connect Bluetooth devices and accessories like a mouse, a keyboard, an external speaker or a headset? If you have this need and you don't know the procedure to connect them, then you are in the right place, because this guide describes all the steps you need to follow for connect Bluetooth mouse to Windows 10 with success. At the end of this article you will find some guides to connect other Bluetooth devices to your computer.

Avoiding cable connections, the bluetooth offers a convenient solution to connect many useful devices to the PC, to the notebook or to another device with Windows 10. But the procedure is not exactly immediate and it is necessary to carry out some procedures within the Windows Settings to make to recognize the computer to bluetooth devices. Read on to find out how to connect bluetooth devices to your computer.

How to connect Bluetooth mouse to Windows 10

The first step is to make sure that the Bluetooth mouse has the batteries inserted and working. Then turn on the mouse and the Bluetooth detection function if it has one. This process differs from mouse to mouse. For example, on a Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse you have one button to turn on the mouse and another to activate Bluetooth detection. Your mouse may have similar buttons, not have anything at all or just have the power button. Use the button to activate Bluetooth tracking.

activate bluetooth mouse

The best way to read the mouse user manual, check how to turn it on and then how to activate Bluetooth detection.

How to connect the Apple mouse to Windows 10

In my case, I connected the mouse of the original Apple Mac to a DELL notebook with Windows 10 installed. The Apple mouse only provided the power button, located on the bottom side of the device. When it is turned on, the green light positioned above the button will start to flash. Therefore, this type of mouse does not need an additional Bluetooth connection button, because the connection function activates automatically when it is turned on.

apple bluetooth mouse

Once the mouse is on, you need to activate the Bluetooth of the computer or Windows 10 device by following the instructions in this guide that will follow you step by step in the procedure to activate or deactivate Bluetooth in Windows 10. Now let's see how to connect your Windows 10 PC with the accessory via Bluetooth, which in our case is a mouse. First open the app Settings.

windows settings

So go up Devices and then click on "Bluetooth and other devices". The Bluetooth switch should be active, as in the screenshot below. If not, set it to On simply by clicking on the right side. So touch or click on "+ Add Bluetooth or other device".

bluetooth windows

The guided procedure that takes you to "is displayedAdd a device". Here, choose Bluetooth, the first on the list.

add device

You are shown a list of Bluetooth devices that are present near the computer. Of course, you will need to have your mouse next to it so that the computer can detect it. Click or touch the name of the Bluetooth device you want to connect. In our case, we chose "Mouse from …. ". The name of your Bluetooth mouse may be different, but if you have near what you need to connect to your computer you will find it immediately. Click on the mouse name.

add mouse pc

Windows 10 takes a couple of seconds to connect the selected Bluetooth mouse and configure it. At the end of the detection procedure, it is confirmed that The mouse is configured and ready for use. If, as in the image below, you are asked to enter a PIN, just click Cancel. Now press Done.

associate mouse to pc

To confirm that everything went well, you will also receive a notification in the Control center which you will see appearing at the bottom right of the screen, like the one below.

control center

To make sure that everything works perfectly, move the mouse and if the indicator moves on the screen, it means that the mouse is connected. If you go back to the "Bluetooth and other devices", You will see that the mouse is present among the devices connected to the computer.

mouse connection

After checking that the mouse is regularly connected to your computer, you can choose to make some settings by going to the section Mouse and configure the wheel or other functions.

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<p>You have finished. Now you can use the Bluetooth mouse on your computer or Windows 10 device. Of course, this procedure applies to all other mice, not just Apple's. But if we had an Apple product dialogue with a Windows system, all the more so a Bluetooth mouse made for Windows even more obvious that it can work.</p>
<h2><span class=How to remove or disconnect Bluetooth devices from Windows 10

When you have finished using a specific Bluetooth device, you can remove it or disconnect it. One way to quickly disconnect it from turning off Bluetooth in Windows 10. However, when you do this, all Bluetooth devices are disconnected.

If you want to disconnect only one Bluetooth device like the mouse in our case, and leave the others connected, open the app Settings and go up Devices and then on "Bluetooth and other devices". All connected Bluetooth devices are displayed on the right. Choose the one you want to disconnect by clicking or touching its name. In our case, we click on Mouse. So you see a button on the right. Press on "Remove".

bluetooth and other devices

Another window will open asking you to confirm the dissociation of the mouse from the computer. Click on Yes and the accessory will disappear from the list of connected devices.

mouse keyboard pen

The Bluetooth mouse is now removed from the list of connected Bluetooth devices. If you need to use it again, you must follow our previous instructions to connect it.


As you can see, it is not difficult to associate and connect mice, keyboards, headphones and other Bluetooth devices to the PC and Windows 10 devices. The procedure is relatively fast and painless unless problems occur with the driver or the batteries do not work properly on the devices Bluetooth. If you have questions or problems with the procedures described in this guide, leave a comment below and we will try to help you.

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