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How to activate ho. mobile operator with 30GB and all unlimited at € 6.99

Iliad has opened a breach in the sector of traditional telephone operators, introducing a service at low-cost prices and now here is "I have."The new operator that besides being the real competitor of Iliad, confirms that something new is happening in Italy. "I have.?The new low-cost virtual mobile operator linked to Vodafone, with a tariff plan that provides 30GB of internet in 4G, unlimited minutes is Unlimited SMS to 6.99.Read on to find out how to activate I have.

Like Iliad, too I have. proposes a clear single tariff, where they are transparent and for all the activation costs of 9.99 and the first charge of 7.00 from which the renewal of 6.99 will be deducted. As Iliad proposed its offer forever only for the first million users, the limit to activate the offer of "I have."The 31 July, but nothing detracts from that it can be extended or even stabilized forever.

How to activate ho.

The advantage that should not be underestimated compared to the operator Iliad is the coverage for ?I have." of the 99% of the Italian territory as it relies on the Vodafone network with an indisputable 4G quality. "I have." part already with an efficient organization that allows the user to obtain all the information necessary for the activation and management of the service. It is activesupport area to find the answers to your questions, a very user friendly app to download to your iOS or Android smartphone and the traditional call center.

How to activate ho. - app

Also "I have.?Releases the customer from credit cards and current accounts, not requiring any of this to activate the service. You can freely choose when and how to top up your SIM, and you can leave whenever you want without any cost or penalty.

The other interesting aspect is the options we are normally used to paying, with I have. they are free: hotspot browsing, call forwarding, call waiting. While you can deactivate or activate paid numbers at any time. From the website, entering your account, you can deactivatepayment numbers 199, 144, 166 and 899 or digital payment services such as horoscopes, ring tones, bank text messages.

How to activate ho.

The operator I have. allows you to have different possibilities to activate the service. You can choose to register on the website and the SIM will be delivered to you at home by courier. In this case the card can be activated with a simple video call (read below). Or book the card from the online site and collect it at a point of sale closer to your home and the activation takes place in person with the shopkeeper. Finally you can go to one of the 3,000 points of sale that you will find at this link and request the SIM.

How to activate SIM Ho with video call.

After the smartphone apps are released, activate the SIM Ho. became very simple. If you purchased your SIM online with home delivery by courier, you can activate the SIM directly from the Ho app. If you don't know, the Ho. now available for iPhone and Android devices. Just download it and install it on the device and you will have several options available, including the activation of the SIM.

When you open the app, you need to have the SIM and your ID card at hand. Enter the SIM I have. in the smartphone only at the end of the activation process. Follow the procedure now.

  • Download the app ho. on your device and go up "Activate the SIM".
  • During the process a video call with an operator will start directly from the ho app. The video call is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 22:00 and on Saturday and Sunday, from 9:00 to 20:00.
  • Once you have finished the activation process, you will be able to insert the SIM card. in your smartphone and the game done.
  • When the SIM will be active, Ho. I will send you a message.
  • It is advisable to connect to a Wi-Fi network before starting the video call to ensure a more stable connection.

How to recharge Ho.

There are several ways to recharge the card: via the app downloaded on your device, by paying with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and PostePay cards, in all points of saleI have., in the tobacconists, in the shops and bars connected to the Lottomatica Italia Servizi network, in the SisalPay authorized sales points and in the newsstands of the M-DIS Distribuzione enabled network.

Even in Europe you can browse with 2GB included in the offer and use all minutes and SMS without additional costs.