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Historical black and white colored photos (photos)

Historical moments of great importance, captured in black and white photos are now brought back to life by coloring them in a very natural way. There is a subprofit dedicated to coloring old photos in black and white, the community strictly moderated to ensure better quality of colored images.

The photos are colored with the help of Adobe Photoshop but there is no way to understand it because the work is so perfect.

Here are 14 important moments in history, Colorized, enjoy!

1. Adolf Hitler before his appointment as chancellor in 1933 during his tenure as leader of the NSDAP

2. Albert Einstein, summer 1939

3. Beatles 1962

4. Charlie Chaplin at the age of 27 years

5. Che Guevara

6. Landing of an F6F-3 (Hellcat) on USS Enterprise (CV-6), Pacific Ocean 1943

7. Lewis Powell, part of Abraham Lincoln's assassination conspiracy

8. Miss America 1924

9. Pablo Picasso in front of his painting The Kitchen

10. Poster by Rita Hayworth Shawshank Redemption

11. Sammy Davis Jr. with Dr. Martin Luther King in his dressing room, behind the scenes

12. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

13. Test of a bulletproof vest, 13 September 1923

14. The crew of Apollo 11, from left to right, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

What is your favorite photo? Let us know in the comments below the post.


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Bonus: if you have a very old "black and white" image of your relatives, you can ask the brightly colored reds to color the image for you. Here is a dedicated sub-reddit to request image coloring.