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Google: Stories arrive in search results

New in the search engine results pages: incoming AMP Stories, Google's experimental "stories" that play on visual storytelling.

Rumors suggest an important innovation in the results of the great search engine: soon we will be able to use the so-called Stories also on Google.

Stories on Google


The term Stories in recent times is increasingly used to indicate a particular function integrated in some of the most important social networks in circulation, but if the undisputed king of search engines were to exploit this format?

What are the Stories?

Impossible not to know the Stories if you have a profile on the most popular social networks: in the beginning they were the seductive soul of Snapchat, which brought it to the fore very soon and to reach a huge success that could be exploited by the main competitors in all the sauces.

In a nutshell, the Stories are a set of personal photographs, images, videos of a few seconds or animations, enriched by an explanatory text, which have the characteristic of disappearing after a certain period of time. This fleeting aspect of the content has made the Stories particularly attractive, which can be realized by all the users who are registered in Snapchat, but also a Instagram, or a Facebook. In fact, after the initial boom of the peculiar fashion launched by Snapchat, the giant of Menlo Park has started to implement the same type of feature in all its proprietary products: first on Instagram, then on Facebook itself, and finally modifying the original essence of the states of Whatsapp.

Social and search engine: possible union?

What does Google have in this?

At first glance it would seem nothing, since until now the Stories as we know them are produced by anyone with an account on a social network. We are used to practicing with the stories of our friends and producing their own, but on Google, on the other hand, the music changes: users will no longer be able to create the Stories, bens magazines, reputable websites or newspapers.

According to reports The Vergein fact, the visual appeal of the Stories has such an important potential that it becomes an unmissable opportunity even for the search engine leader.

They are called AMP Stories, based on the HTML technology called Accelerated Mobile Pages, and could be the most succulent product among the results of the search engine, as it is capable of combining the attractiveness of the visual with the information of the textual part.

The experimentation of the AMP Stories

With this move, Google continues to focus onimportance of using content from mobile devices, and wants to make the search results more attractive, inviting and enjoyable than ever for its users. At first the Google Stories will experience a period of experimentation to assess its impact on Internet users, with a limited number of partners chosen by the Mountain View team that will be the few chosen able to be published by Google in the new format. The interesting aspect that, although the Stories are designed for full screen display on mobile devices, they will be anyway viewable also from computer.

How the Stories will work on Google

The navigation method in history is the traditional one we already know: to see the next image just a tap on the right side of the screen, while to go back just press on the left side.To find the Stories, moreover, the user will not have to do anything but carry out the desired search on Google: also the Stories will be correlated to the search queries.

The initial partners

In the initial phase, the only ones who will be able to test the impact of the new content format on Google will be only the elite group of chosen partners, consisting of:

  • CNN
  • Mic
  • SBNation
  • Washington Post
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Wired
  • people
  • Mashable
  • The Verge