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Google Search: from July penalize slow pages on mobile

Google Search to make page speed a key factor in mobile searches, starting in July will reduce the ranking of slow websites

Google Search changes the evaluation criteria of website pages: slow mobile pages will be penalized from July.

Google Search: ranking criteria change

Google Search make mobile page speed a determining factor in searches. Google today announced a significant change in the way it ranks websites for mobile searches: now take page speed as one of the factors taken into consideration, the company says. The change, to which Google refers as "Speed ??update", will come into force in July 2018 e reduce the ranking of very slow websites under certain conditions.

google search speed mobile

For Google search, the speed of pages on mobile becomes fundamental for ranking

Google SEO speed becomes paramount

Although the speed of the page becomes a determining factor in determining the order of results in searches, the change is not so drastic as to make it the only factor; there will be times when slow pages continue to be classified as having the most relevant content related to the search query, for example.

Google search will penalize very slow pages

Google says the update will only affect pages that "offer the slowest experience to users" and will only affect a small percentage of searches.

The web giant has gradually given increasing importance to page speed for a while now.

In February 2016, it began to highlight the AMP sites (pages that use Accelerated Mobile Page technology to accelerate mobile performance) in the search results and subsequently, in April 2016, assigned AMP pages a more prominent position in Google News.

Google Search, mobile first of all

More recently, Google search has begun publishing its new mobile-first search index for a handful of sites to keep the promise of moving the overall search index to favor the mobile version of the website compared to the desktop version. This change, in particular, focuses on forcing web publishers to ensure that their mobile site has the same information as their desktop site.

Essential speed for Google SEO

This Update on Speed, however, is not related to the fact that the site contains the same information as the desktop and not even related to any requirements related to the use of AMP page optimization technology, but concerns the performance of the page in general, with the goal to offer mobile users a better overall experience when searching through their device.

Google Seo Tools

Google search does not offer a stand-alone tool for web publishers to help them prepare for this change, but has suggested a number of resources that can provide general information on site performance.

Google page speed for mobile

It includes the Chrome User Experience Report, which offers user experience metrics for the most popular web destinations, Lighthouse, an automated tool for monitoring site performance and other website quality metrics and PageSpeed ??Insights, which shows how good , or not, both the performance of a page on Chrome UX Report and provides suggestions on how to improve performance.

This is not the first time that the page speed has been used as a variable on Google search to determine the seo positioning of the sites, but it has never been explicitly considered for searches on mobile devices.

Google based mobile SEO

This kind of changes to the search on Google Focusing on mobile devices is essential for the company, as most Google users now search the web via mobile devices, such as smartphones.

Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches

Indeed, searches on mobile devices have passed desktop searches since 2015 and in subsequent years mobile devices have continued to grow. Although Google has not provided an update on what percentage of its searches take place on mobile, some third-party reports have placed this number close to 60% for the past year. Another source, Statista, says that Google accounted for over 94.4% of the mobile search market share in the United States.

These figures indicate that the furniture has become more important than the desktop for several years now and the time has come for the research index to reflect this change.