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Free songs, Italy still excluded

Apple invented the Internet music business, transformed the scenario and globalized the horizon. Thanks to Apple, it's not possible to buy music on the Internet, pay a reasonable fee without having too many limitations on use and have it forever, but you can do it all over the world.

From the absolute leader of the digital music market the iTunes Music Store has come to deal with all the Euro markets as well as Great Britain and Canada after, of course, the United States, where it was born.

There are 15 countries where Apple has created a list as real as possible for that market, those who reside in one of these countries entitled to buy music in the related jukebox. Some reports have also come to our attention informing us of the possibility of making cross-purchases between residents of different countries through Gift Certificates donated to foreigners without a credit card and deemed valid by the Apple system.

Among so many interesting and efficient options, unfortunately, there is still some shortcomings that penalize some countries to the detriment of others where the Apple store is active. The most unpleasant and penalizing absence of the offer that includes a free song the week.

This opportunity has long been active on the American iTunes Music Store where, by clicking on the "Free Download – Single of the Week" box (updated every Tuesday with a new song), you can download a song without charge. Sometimes it was a hit, although more often you have the right to download a song of novices who need promotion.

Recently this opportunity has also been extended to the market of Great Britain and the French one while Italy continues to remain excluded.

Among the hypotheses, it seems unlikely that refers to the fact that, as happened for a chapter of Crichton's book or for the Cassini probe's music, it is not possible to find who wants to offer copyrighted works for promotional purposes to push an author onto the market or a little-known work.

More likely, Apple may be struggling with some of the many laces and loops that mark the music rights market in Italy. For example Apple could be faced with the need to pay SIAE the cost of granting the rights to the "stamp" (even if here virtual) SIAE even if the author and his publisher did not collect anything from the transfer of the piece. The hypothesis is not entirely strange if we consider that even those who give audio CDs, DVDs or CD-ROMs are obliged to pay a copyright which is forfeited by the company in charge.

In practice, in short, by giving away a song in reality Apple would lose money because even if it didn't pay the author the rights, he would still have to pay the concession to the SIAE or recharge the costs on the customers and at that point the song would no longer be free.