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Facebook will train 1 million businesses and open a center in Italy

Facebook will offer digital training to 1 million European companies and announces the opening of a center in Italy dedicated to SMEs and the dissemination of digital skills

Facebook has announced that it will form 1 million businesses and people in Europe to provide new digital skills. The initiative calls for European Facebook Boost Community, a Facebook program to help EU businesses grow and provide more people in Europe with digital skills, which includes 3 key points:1. the commitment to form a million people and entrepreneurs throughout Europe within 20202. the opening of three new centers dedicated to skills in Italy, Spain and Poland only at the end of 20183. the investment of a further 10 million euros to support Artificial Intelligence in France

Facebook training for 1 million businesses and people in Europe by 2020

Ciaran Quilty, VP, Small Businesses, Facebook's EMEA said Today we are announcing a program to help European businesses grow and to provide more people in Europe with the digital skills they need to be competitive in the workplace.

What to do Facebook for businesses

Facebook is committed to establishing three new community skill hubs (competence poles for the community), one in Italy, then Spain and Poland, and to train half a million people and entrepreneurs across Europe by 2020. At the same time, it announced an investment in innovation in France 10 million euros through FB's artificial intelligence research facility (perhaps France has gone better)

Facebook aims for small businesses

Small businesses are the heart of our communities and create most of the new jobs in the world, said Ciaran Quilty. Through the European Community Boost, Facebook will work alongside small businesses and start-ups to help them grow and hire employees. Furthermore, it is developing programs to make available to people the skills and resources they need to get jobs or put their ideas into practice.


Facebook training for the new European company

Here are points for the new Facebook initiatives for businesses

Creation of three new community hubs: one in Italy, Spain and Poland that will be managed in collaboration with local organizations, offering training in digital skills, media literacy and security for under-represented groups. These will follow the successful model of the Digitales Lernzentrum of Facebook in Berlin, inaugurated last year in collaboration with the ReDI School of Digital Integration. The school works with refugees, seniors and other communities in Germany to offer courses on topics from coding / coding / basic programming to professional development courses.

In the next two years, Facebook will collaborate with Freeformers to offer training to 300,000 people in Europe, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland and Spain. For 75,000 people the training will take place in the classroom, for the others in a virtual way. All courses will be customized, so those who already have strong skills could be taught how to program, to others how to open an online bank account.

Facebook will provide entrepreneurs with different training to help them expand their digital presence and find new customers, whether they are near or far. Classroom training courses are provided per 100,000 SMEs by 2020 e online courses for 250,000 businessesAs part of Facebook's flagship program # SheMeansBusiness, Facebook will provide digital training to more than 15,000 women in France. The program encourages entrepreneurship through the development of networks, mentoring, partner-led training programs and inspiring interlinkable role models. already active in the United Kingdom and Italy and in 2018 it will be introduced in Ireland, Spain and Sweden.

Facebook will invest 10 million euros to enhance the development of Artificial Intelligence in France, increasing the number of doctorates at the Facebook research center in Paris by 10 to 40, granting scholarships to students and financing 10 servers and datasets open to public institutions French. In addition to this investment, FB also doubled the team of researchers and engineers from 30 to 60.

Digital training for SMEs

Today's announcements are part of Facebook's digital training investments. Since 2011, Facebook has invested $ 1 billion to support small businesses around the world. The Facebook Boost Your Business initiative has helped train hundreds of thousands of small businesses globally and over 1 million of them have used Blueprint, Facebook's free online learning hub. Similarly, more than 70 million small businesses use our free tool to promote their online presence.

Facebook SME data

According to the latest Morning Consult research in collaboration with the Lisbon Council and Facebook, the use of digital by small businesses translates into new jobs and opportunities for communities across Europe.Il35%of small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook interviewed in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom claims to have built lto own activity on Facebook; and 49% say they have hired more employees due to the growth recorded after signing up for Facebook.57% of these small and medium businesses claims to have increased sales thanks to the presence on Facebook; and 60% say that the platform helps them sell products in other cities and countries. 67% of small and medium-sized businesses say that, when they are hired, digital skills and knowledge of social media are almost as important as the place which the candidate studied.