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Facebook, reliable sources will be decided by users

Facebook users will decide which sources of information are reliable; these publishers will be rewarded in the Facebook news feed. Prefer local news.

Facebook's biggest problem is fake news and knowing how to recognize reliable news sources. Last week, Facebook announced important changes to the News Feed, designed to help people get closer, encouraging more meaningful connections and, as a result of these new features, users will see less public content, including news, videos and brand posts. . Now Facebook has announced a further novelty in order to make sure that the news spread on the feed, albeit less consistently than before, sof quality and from reliable sources.

Reliable sources on Facebook

Last year, states the Responsible for the News Feed, Adam Mosseri, Facebook has worked hard to reduce the incidence of fake news, while at the same time reducing the sources of revenue generated by this type of false news for spammers and now, in 2018, will implement further measures to prioritize:

news from reliable sources that the community deems trustworthy. News that users consider providing real information. News that impacts on the local community.

It will still be possible to customize the display order, using the function see first and following certain people and pages.

Facebook reliable sources

Facebook users will decide which are the reliable sources of news

Trusted and trusted sources on Facebook

The tests relating to reliable sources will begin very shortly and, to this end, the habits of a cross-sectional representative sample in the United States in the use they make of the news available have been probed.

The first change will begin to apply to the accounts of people residing in the United States before being taken to the international level in the future.

Information content

Facebook, the announcement reads, has always given importance to the information aspect of the news disseminated through the platform and, for this purpose, starting from 2016, has asked a series of people to assess, on a scale of 1 to 5, how much information it deems the news / content found on the News Feed to be informative, which it will continue to do to hone its ability to identify information content, or not.

Local news on Facebook

A series of corrections will be implemented aimed at giving visibility to news that have local relevance for the user, based on where they appear to live.

What it means to publishers

Facebook will work all year on these issues and the first changes will take place in the US this week.

The publications considered worthy of trust and authoritative, the reliable sources in short, will be able to note an increased visibility of their contents, while others could, on the other hand, be negatively impacted.

Here is Zuckerberg's post about the news:

Continuing our focus for 2018 to make sure the time we spend on Facebook is time well spent … Last week I …

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, January 19, 2018