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Facebook launches Lists: what they are and how they work

New type of content to share with your Facebook friends: lists are coming, a set of elements based on a common theme.

Still new in the digital universe created by Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook is releasing one new feature called "Lists", which will help the entire ecosystem return to the essence of its origins.

Facebook lists


from the beginning of this 2018 that Facebook has made known its intentions to purify the users' news feed by marching in a very precise direction: the goal of Menlo Park's major to rekindle the spotlight on users even if at the expense of companies and publishers.

News feed purification

Facebook has long wanted to return the scepter of power to its members, first letting them establish the authoritative sources, and then punishing companies that have seen a constant collapse of the organic reach of the fan pages.

The first major change, therefore, has affected the content proposed in the news feed of users and, although it was feared a real war to the page managers, in reality the real reason of the decrease of the visualizations to be sought in the scarce interaction between the user and that specific page.

In short, Facebook wants its subscribers to be always surrounded by friends, albeit in a virtual way, and by topics that are particularly interesting to them. All of this takes into account that the interactions between the subscribers remain the main focus of Facebook, which in this way it can keep users on its platform, while the publications of the pages, on the other hand, often refer to sites outside of it.

The novelty is called "Liste"

Since the status updates of the Facebook subscribers have decreased over the years in favor of the publication of the pages, Zuckerberg and his have well thought of inducing a trend reversal. If at first, in fact, the published contents were significantly reduced from the pages with which you don't have a particular interaction shown on the homepage of the site, now it's time to beat on what people like. And Facebook does it by stimulating them to produce your own content to share on the social network: and what's better than the much loved bullet points?

Lists and lists represent an irresistible format always, and here comes the rollout of the function that will modify the screen for sharing a state, adding the possibility to insert the much appreciated lists.

How they work and how they are made

Graphically attractive and simple to create, to create and share lists on your profile, you need only to access your personal account and choose the option Lists from the Create a post tab. At this point, it will be possible to choose between two proposals:

  1. Choose from the lists pre-existing, to be adapted according to one's tastes or preferences;
  2. Create one staff ex novo.

Furthermore, the lists can be enriched with colored backgrounds or emojis, and it will be possible to share a list of your favorite songs, but also a to do list, dream trips, the favorite foods, or the goals to be achieved.

Back to basics or just marketing?

The first type of lists could be useful to the Facebook ecosystem for entice people to share their opinions, interacting with others on topics of common interest, while for the latter the blue social network has always been eager for personal information.

Therefore, if returning to the primordial state that has allowed Facebook to be a priority for the Zuckerberg team, although it is true that more users talk about themselves, their tastes or interests, and more sensitive information is available to the company that they portray a photograph very faithful to the reality of their preferences.