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Ensure your best workmate.

Ensure your best workmate.

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Don't think of turning to Lloyd?s to insure your Mac with which you read Macity daily, but if you have a company the size of Counterpane Security Inc. you can start thinking about it.

Currently the main cause of concern for companies operating on the network continues to be the "virus", followed by laptop theft and abuse of privileges, assigned to access the Internet, by employees, but the growing problems are external access on the Intranet systems, financial fraud and network sabotage; all this costs over the entire Internet, to the various companies, more than 3 million billion lire (the ILOVEYOU virus alone caused checks for around 5000 billion lire to be taken off).

Counterpane Security Inc. will pay a high insurance premium but it seems to be worth it, and the insurance companies already have broad smiles to feel that their importance in the sector is constantly growing (by the end of the decade the annual awards will reach the level of several trillion lire).

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