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Edit free PDF

Edit free PDF

Edit PDF files for free, an operation that is difficult for many. The PDF format was originally created in the 90s. Now become the most popular format for exchanging any kind of document, be it a presentation, an invoice, CAD drawings and so on. There are several reasons that have made PDFs so popular. These file types are generally more compact (smaller in size) than the original document. They also preserve the original formatting of the document on any device the file is displayed. If you receive a PDF file, its contents cannot be changed easily, but nothing is impossible and in this guide you will discover the solution that edit PDF for free.

If you are looking for a simple method that modifies free PDF, in this article I would like to explain to you how to do it. I will show you different ways, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Edit free PDF

Although PDF files are read-only, there are several methods that allow their modification. The procedures that I will show you below are totally free, do not require the original document (not in PDF format) and do not use commercial software such as Adobe Acrobat or others for a fee.

Edit the text of a PDF in Word for free

If your intention is to want to change the text in a PDF document, the best way to go is to convert the file into a document from PDF to Word or Excel (depending on the type of document).

After converting it, you can easily edit it with your favorite text editor (Microsoft Word or Google Docs for example). At the end of the editing operations you can always convert the document back to PDF.

There are several tools that allow you to do this type of operation. I advise you to read our guide how to convert documents from PDF and JPG to Word online. If your PDF document contains images, graphics, tables or other complex formatting, you can also try the online tools contained in these two online services to convert a PDF to Word:




The simple procedure for both services, just drag the PDF file on the online page to return the file in Word format.

Basic online tool to edit PDF files for free

Sometimes you need to make small changes to a PDF file. For example, you may need to hide your phone number from a PDF or change a word before uploading it online, or write down a page with some considerations.

You can make these types of changes to PDFs via an online service calledPDF Escape which you can find at the following link:

LINK |PDF Escape

PDF Escape

This a PDF Editor onlinetotally free that lets you edit PDF documentsalso password protected, via your PC's browser. With PDF Escape you can hide part of a PDF file, add annotations, geometric shapes, arrows or notes simply and without using tools to install on your PC. Furthermore, it is also possible to add hypertext links to other pages of the PDF or online content. If you need to fill in a form field instead, you can do it easily with this tool. The resource is completely free and accessible via any PC browser.

Advanced PDF editing (Images, text, etc.)

Now that you know the basic tools for editing your PDF documents, it's time to introduce you to another set of PDF editors that are always totally free. They can help you carry out advanced operations like replacing images, adding a signature, removing text blocks without interruption in the document and much more.

The first of these tools is softwarePDF-XChange Viewerthe smallest, fastest and full-featured PDF reader / viewer that you can find at the following download link:


This a free PDF editor which includes a free OCR, after downloading it to your Windows PC you can also use it to write text directly in the document on each page. You can also use it to insert signatures in the document wherever you want.

The second tool is the known free software for vector design Inkscape that you find at this link:

DOWNLOAD | Inkscape

Inkscape is a free and open source vector graphic editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that allows uploading and editing PDF documents. With Inkscape you can select any object in the PDF (text, graphics, tables, etc.) and move it to a different position. It also allows you to remove them completely with ease. You can annotate documents or draw using the pen tool offered by the tool.

The last tool I would like to suggest to you the famous office suiteOpenOffice Draw with the extension pdfimport. You can download them from the following links.

DOWNLOAD |OpenOffice Draw

DOWNLOAD |pdfimport

OpenOffice Draw supports online document editing, so you can easily edit a PDF or format it differently by changing the color of the text, increasing the font size, etc. Like Inkscape, OpenOffice also offers a series of tools for managing annotations, geometric shapes, images and much more. The difference that OpenOffice turns out to be much easier and offers more options to the user.

If none of these software satisfied you, then you could try the programPDFElement, of which I spoke in depth in one of our articles.

Of all the high-level tools available on the market, I recommend you tryPDFelement because of its complete range of features. Not a completely free software, but you can try the free trial and then evaluate if the solution suits your needs. It allows you to edit, convert, annotate, protect, create and organize PDF documents.


In this article I wanted to show you a series of tools (online or to install on your PC) that changes PDF for free.

I hope that the selection of tools has helped you solve your problems with PDF document management. If you need to know other great tools for managing and editing PDFs, let us know via the comments section at the end of this article.