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Did the chicken or the egg come first?

Did the chicken or the egg come first?

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The judgments (of Macity included) on the technologies that Apple presented in January, that is the iTools, were not tender to anyone, better it was instead accepted the future vision of some for an iTools transformable in the most useful "network computer" (but more functional than the "model" of Oracle) that slowly makes its way with the Mac and its recent implementations (multiple user networks).

But, someone else, has well thought, true to the line, to innovate also in this sector: Microsoft, that a few weeks ago has, with great fanfare (minimum) announced, an imprecise and smoky jumble of improbable features that the user will have to as soon as possible desire and that they will have the web as fulcrum, pity that at least to the third party developers all the material will arrive not before the next 12 months … we have not therefore given for the, revolutionary, finished product, that, already has admirers who, despite not having anything in their hands, are already able to print final sentences.

Well now someone dares the hypothesis that in this war of the poor (contents), it is Apple to chase after. Well, at least the honor of the first come to be assigned (for what it's worth) to Apple.

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