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Dangerous cubes

Dangerous cubes

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The story of the Mac Cube continues to heat up the debate on the Internet and to raise questions. Yesterday, as already written in these pages, the first doubts about the truthfulness of MacOs Rumors' claims that rumors about the future parallelepiped CPU had been canceled on request from Apple. Some sites had indeed smelled of burning (perhaps also due to the obvious lack of credibility of some specific techniques) coming to hypothesize that behind there was a joke of some jokers or that the same MacOs Rumors could have spread some smoke trying to give himself merits he did not have. Today the dose is going up and he is definitely aiming at the address of Ryan Meadern, author of MacOs Rumors. According to the self-styled Smithee Meader he simply invented everything, from the initial story of the Mac Cube, to the email from Apple's lawyers. Only a message, received by Meader shortly after having "self-posted" the first one, would have been actually posted by a reader of MacOs Rumors but not with the intention of lending a hand to the site to confirm something that was not confirmed, but to show that MOSR is not very reliable. According to Smithee, the site dedicated to rumors had built the whole castle on that message, convincing itself that it had "caught" and invented itself, to reinforce what was written up to that time, the story of the lawyer. "In reality there is no lawyer and Apple has not written to Ryan – says Smithee – they are all lies. Ryan a liar. " And to prove it, the so-called Smithee has created a page no less than on the servers, reporting the text that MOSR claims to have been the cause of the lawsuits of Apple's lawyers. "Hey, Apple – says Smithee – let me know if I need to remove this stuff from your servers. Do it now ". Needless to say, there has been no response so far. The whole story, including this latest development, still sounds very unconvincing. Smithee a clearly false name, the pseudonym that the Hollywood directors used in the 50s and 60s when they didn't want to let people know that a certain film, very unsuccessful, was really theirs. We from our side promise to close the "cover" here of this controversy that we have followed with very little conviction and for the pure duty of news. We will talk about the Mac Cube when it is released, perhaps in 2180 in the keynote that will take place on Jupiter's third moon.

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