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D600, the passionate Nikon reflex

A new digital SLR signed Nikon promises maxi performance in mini format. The smallest and lightest FX format is called D600, and aims to satisfy enthusiasts but also professionals. The 24.3 megapixel full frame FX sensor offers all the advantages of full format. Independently of the optics used, it allows reaching new depth levels (…)

A new Nikon digital SLR promises maxi performance in mini format. The smallest and lightest FX format is called D600, and aims to satisfy enthusiasts but also professionals.

The 24.3 megapixel full frame FX sensor, offers all the advantages of full format. Regardless of the optics used, it allows reaching new levels of image depth and details, even in poor lighting conditions.

There 14 bit A / D conversion and lexcellent signal to noise ratio ensure images of extraordinary quality with low noise and a wide dynamic range even at high ISO sensitivities (ISO 100-6400 range, extendable up to a maximum of 25,600 and a minimum of 50).

From the flagship Nikon, the D4, inherits the EXPEED image processing engine 3, also making operations involving large amounts of data immediate, without sacrificing speed and quality. 16-bit image processing ensures extremely vivid colors and shades and gives uniform gradations with maximum detail and with shades that range across the entire scale , up to pure white, even if you shoot in JPEG format.

Compatible with lenses with aperture up to f / 8 and sensitive up to -1 EV (ISO 100, 20 C), allows extremely sharp shots and shots to be taken, even in poor lighting conditions. A wide range of AF modes, like dynamic area AF and 3D tracking, allow you to follow the focus even on the smallest subjects, although it is impossible to anticipate its movements.

The start time of about 0.13 seconds, delayed release reduced to approx 0.052 seconds, with continuous fps of about 5.5, both in FX and DX formats.

Furthermore Nikon D600 allows you to perform shooting with very high qualitythanks to Nikon's Multi-CAM4800 39-point AF system. There multi-area D-Movie functionallows maximum flexibility in the making of movies. A wide range of video applications, a series of shooting frequencies and convenient custom controls, which ensure complete control of live view operation during shooting, come together to guarantee the best in video shooting.

THE Full HD movies (1080p) can be recorded at 30p, 25p and 24p, with options 60p, 50p and 25p at 720p. The maximum duration of Full HD video clips is 29 minutes 59 seconds. Full HD (1080p) recording is possible in both FX and DX format. Also there audio quality does not want to be outdone, a jack allows you to use an external stereo microphone, for very clear audio recordings; in addition, there is also an audio output for external headphones.

Finally, the Nikon D600 offers the possibility of record uncompressed 1080p live video on external media; the output automatically drops to 1080i if an external monitor is detected. Uncompressed data is extracted with the image size and frame rate indicated, without the overlap of information, which can instead be displayed on the camera's TFT monitor.

Turning to field use, the D600 ensures easy handling and a light weight to take advantage of it in any condition. Waterproof, obstructed to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions equipped with upper cap and rear cover in magnesium alloy is weighs just 760 g (without battery).

Other strengths are the battery life (about 900 imagesor about 60 minutes of footage in live view mode, with acharge only). It also hasdual SD card slots high speed and secure transfer data via USB or wireless, with the WI-FI WU-1b adapter.

The LCD monitor high precision from 3.2 inches (or 8 cm) and 921,000 points, with wide-angle view and automatic brightness control, ensures clear and brilliant image display. The brightness of the LCD screen is automatically adjusted tobaseallambiente.

The viewfinder with prism in secure optical glassalmost 100% coverage of the frame and magnification of 0.7x (50mm f / 1.4 on infinity, -1.0m-1).

Buttons is rings they have been strategically placed to allow fluid use. The shutter button has been improved so that the user's index finger can be comfortably supported for long periods of time. The camera also has dedicated ISO, White Balance, Image Quality and Bracketing buttons.

Many creative and practical tools are incorporated, such as lHDR and filter effects, which allow you to make the most of shooting opportunitiesHDR effect (High Dynamic Range)it is obtained by shooting an overexposed image and an underexposed image of a static scene with a single pulse on the shutter button. The range can be expanded up to 3 EV to obtain different effects, saturation levels and shades, while the uniformity of the edge where the exposures join can be adjusted, for greater naturalness.

The Active D-Lighting Nikon automatically preserves details in both the darkest and brightest areas, even when shooting is performed in high-contrast bright situations or dynamic moving scenes.19 scene modes automatically optimize settings including shutter speed, ISO and aperture for exceptional results every time. An ideal method to quickly capture beautiful shots in any situation.

Built-in editing features:include a wide range of useful features including red-eye correction and color balance, as well as D-lighting, custom RAW development and scaling options. Filter effects include Skylight, Cross-screen, Thumbnail, Draw Outline, Color Sketch and Color Selection. Quick retouch options include Distortion Control, Perspective Distortion, Straightening and Fisheye. the Edit Movie function is also available, which allows you to indicate the starting and ending point of the movies and to save only the chosen portion.

If all this were not enough to express one's vision of photography, many optional accessories complete this new reflex, all to be tried.