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Corel, nothing MacWorld

Corel, nothing MacWorld

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Perhaps Corel will also be attentive to the Mac world and determined to support its fate through the applications it purchased from MetaCreations, but the first opportunity to prove it failed. The Canadian company officially declared yesterday that it will not be at Expo New York. "It is a decision that we have taken with a view to cutting costs – spokeswoman Meredith Dundas told Maccentral – looking at the reality of the facts we must focus our attention on events that adapt better to support the launch of products on which we aim in a particular way ". Among these events are the Seybold, LinuxWorld and the Comdex, but not the MacWorld Expo. This is despite the fact that the series of products in the Mac compatible portfolio is really significant. "We realize this – Dundas said again -, in any case it cannot be deduced from this choice that the platform is not important for us or that we are going to sell off products for Mac. I can say with certainty: there is no sword of damocles hanging over their heads. ?The waters, very bad, in which Corel has recently led the company to promise cuts to staff and product lines . According to some sites this could mean, depending on the management's plans, the reduction of the offer, the dismantling of some sectors or simply the stalemate of the development of non-strategic programs, as happened with Word Perfect. Corel has been trying to reassure us for some weeks that the MetaCreations line does not run these risks. Yesterday the news that Bryce will be updated to version 4.1 by summer. But the news that at the Expo, despite the space booked, Corel will not be present does not provide much reassurance in this regard.

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