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China is also close on the iTunes Music Store

China also close on the iTunes Music Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

China lands on the iTunes Music Store. The Apple digital music store from the weekend presents, a real novelty in the field of Internet songwriting, in fact among the songs on sale several hundred songs by popular artists of the great Asian country.

Apple, as several sites note including the Financial Time, the first Internet music retailer to have reached an agreement with labels that market Chinese music. In the specific case, they signed the Universal Music agreement that granted more than a thousand songs.

To benefit from the novelty will be the millions of Chinese living abroad, particularly in the USA, who maintain strong ties with the culture and language of their homeland but who have fully integrated into the technological ecosystem of their countries of residence. But to buy songs could also be the Chinese living in Europe, where many millions of citizens of the People's Republic, Taiwan and Hong Kong also live.

Chinese songs are already available on the Italian iTunes Music Store.

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