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Block internet access to PCs, smartphones and consoles

Block internet access to the PC

We have already talked about another topic on how to protect WiFi networks and make them secure on the subject of security in home or office WiFi networks. In that guide we proposed free software SoftPerfect WiFi Guard as one of the solutions to the security problem. Rightly, one of our readers pointed out that this software for PCs and Macs is a guardian of the network, that is, it monitors whether someone illegally connects to our network and reports it. In essence, it automatically performs some network control operations and warns you of something abnormal, but does not allow you to block internet access to suspicious devices.

Block internet access to computers and smartphones

Our reader Withed highlighted how this software does not allow to intervene to block Internet access of suspicious computers, smartphones and consoles. Or to block individual devices, like our son's game console. To carry out these more detailed operations he recommended the softwareNetCut which allows "…ban the mac address from the network of unwanted devices, reset and then modify the network card factory mac address, map the various IP / MAC, and even clone the mac addresses of other PCs or devices". I was curious about this suggestion, and consequently I wanted to look into it further. I have installed and tested the NETCUT software, which I didn't really know, to protect WiFi network or block devices on a WiFi network. Below is a guide on how to install it and how to make it work.

NetCut a tool developed by Arcai, which allows you to monitor the home or business network. As we were saying, not only a guardian of the network, because it is possible to use this tool to find an IP address, MAC address and the name of the devices connected to your network. So with this tool you can not only monitor but do much more. You can get full control of your network and intervene by blocking what needs to be blocked. This really is an extraordinary tool that increases security and helps you manage the network. Imagine that your child plays more than he should on the internet with his console, well, with this app you can block his Xbox or PS4 connection. What are you saying? I find it so useful.

Block internet access with Netcut

You can use NETCUT to take full control of your wireless network and your local network. To be more specific about the task it performs, some of the functions of Netcut are as follows:

  • Analyze the Wifi network and the local network to control all the devices connected to it.
  • Find the name of the device brand, the MAC address and the IP address of the devices connected to your network.
  • The most interesting aspect: it is possible to "cut" any device from the network. It means that the device will be ejected from the network and will no longer be able to use it. (NOTE: you can do it for your private networks, if you want to do it for a public network, this operation could be illegal).

How to install NETCUT on your PC

This is an extremely easy to install and use app. Mostly it is self-configuring. If you have any difficulties, you can refer to the following steps:

  1. Download NETCUT for PC from the official website – You can click on this link to download NETCUT on your PC. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. There is no Mac version.
  2. Install: you have to install NETCUT as if it were a normal application, you will find the detailed steps during the installation, there are other apps necessary to make this software work, but they will be installed automatically during the procedure, just confirm OK when you are asked to install them (as in the next window).
    Block internet access - Netcut
  3. Restart – There may be some features in the app that may not work before rebooting. So, I suggest you reboot your PC after installing it.
  4. Start and Analyze – Start the application and wait for it to analyze the network. This is an automatic operation, without your intervention. Upon completion, it displays all the devices connected to the Wifi or local network. You will see MAC, IP, device brand and other information.
    Block internet access - netcut access
  5. Cut it – Each box contains the information of a device connected to the network. If you see devices that should not be connected to your network, place your mouse on the relevant box and simply drag and drop, dragging the entire box to the left bar. After doing this, the device will no longer be able to access the network. You realize it because the sign of the WiFi changes color, from Blue becomes Red and the Blue point on the bar, from the right you move everything to the left.
    Block internet access - block with netcut
  6. Resume – If you wish to reconnect to any device that has been removed from the network, you can simply do so by dragging the box moved to the left to its previous position. The color of the WiFi icon changes back to Blue and the point moves to the right of the bar. The device automatically reconnects to your WiFi or local network.

As you can see, it's easy to use this application, you don't need big computer skills to block internet access to individual devices. It's also easy to recognize the various connected devices, because the brand icons appear as well as other useful information. Allows the network administrator to enable or disable the entire network or the individual devices connected to it, including switchers, routers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and game consoles.


To block internet access to the various devices, I believe that NETCUT is among the best. It is an independent software, supported and updated by important code developers. The simplicity of this app is one of its strengths, any user can use it without any difficulty and feel like a network professional.