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Aviate, the home screen according to Yahoo

The alternative launcher for Marissa Meyer's search engine finally comes out of the beta. It installs on Android and revolutionizes the user interface

(Photo: Yahoo, Aviate)(Photo: Yahoo, Aviate)

The description defines it different from the usual launcher. And indeed Aviate, the alternative Yahoo proposed for improve home screens of the Google operating system, does not focus on the classic setting made of widgets and app grids. You download it from Google Play like any other application that has just come out of the invite phase and once started it changes everything.

Aviate is a mix between a launcher and a personal assistant, interfacing for you with the apps of the Android galaxy and drawing information from the context in which you are to change your face and make the most useful features available to you, without you having to ask him anything. In the morning he offers you the weather forecast and the news of the day; when you return by car from the workplace, it shows a shortcut for the navigator, already set for the journey home; if you are out and about, suggestions for the surrounding areas or public transport appear in the foreground.

Aviate does not focus on extreme customization, but on simplify as much as possible phone use. If he were to succeed and win the hearts of the users, for Yahoo it would be a big hit.


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