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Another analyst: news from the Expo

Another analyst: news from the Expo

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Apple will be introducing a new range of consumer-grade computers. John del Vecchio, a keen Mac analyst of the irreverent but equally acute financial newspaper Motley Fool, is sure to speak in his forecasts published today in the online version of the magazine. "Apple – says Del Vecchio – bases its success on innovation and seeing that this is the key factor we can expect only innovation from the next keynote. A new iMac would respond to this strategy which tends to bring attention beyond the simple machine, but even a PDA would respond to this need ?. If that is the case, says Del Vecchio, who mainly looks at the economic aspect of the future of the coffers as a logical view of the newspaper's focus, can only be rosy. Regarding the current fiscal quarter, the results of which will be declared next Tuesday Apple is expected to hit Wall Street forecasts by distributing 88 cents per share. "The iMac sales were weaker than hoped for – says Del Vecchio – but the gross margins will grow thanks to the percentage increase in pro machines". "At the MacWorld Expo – Del Vecchio closes – in any case I expect numerous announcements regarding Apple's product lines. " And said by a market observer this prediction may also sound like a threat. If there are no announcements on the AAPL title, a wave of pessimism and therefore sales could be unleashed.

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