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Amazon free vouchers: how to get them for free [2019]

amazon coupons for free

If you, like me, love to shop at Amazon, surely you will be pleased to know that there are some methods that allow you to save or even buy for free any product on the famous e-commerce. All thanks to free Amazon vouchers. In this guide we will show you different solutions to get them.

How to get free Amazon Coupons

You may not know it, but there are so many methods that allow you to get gods free Amazon vouchers to use to be able buy any product on the site. In this guide we want to show you which are the best around and what methods to use to get them.

Get 50 free Amazon vouchers with Hype

The first method we want to advise you to take advantage of good Amazon from well 50 offered by the site Hype. It is an electronic money service (like PayPal) to which a card is associated MasterCard (both physical and virtual) fully manageable via smartphone. After registration you will get the prepaid card directly at your home for free, which you can also use for purchases on Amazon (unlike PayPal) and which you can top up using another credit / prepaid card or bank transfer, as it has its own IBAN. Obviously, having your own IBAN, you can also make free transfers to whoever you want.

The advantages of this interesting service are therefore different and for this we strongly recommend the registration, above all because everything completely free and without any management costs.Add to this an extremely interesting possibility: to obtain 50 coupon on Amazon for every 5 people you invite to register on the siteIn fact, you can invite 5 people to get the voucher immediately via email. The undersigned has tested it and works to perfection! All you have to do is register by clicking here, and then select the option "Invite friends" on the app.

Get 25 Amazon voucher with Cartimpronta Debit BPM

BPM (Banca Popolare di Milano) gives you a Amazon voucher for 25 if you request Cartimpronta Debit Mastercard. How to receive the Amazon voucher? That's enough go to a branch of the Bank between 21 and 29 November 2019 and request the Card. Make an online purchase by November 29, 2019 and receive an Amazon 25 voucher that you can spend as you want on the website within 72 hours via email.

For more information and to read the Rules, you can go to this link.

Get 200 of Amazon vouchers with HELLO BANK

If you need to open a current account, you can evaluate the offer of HELLO BANK which, in addition to the advantages offered for the account, also offers a purchase voucher on Amazon of 200. It is aimed at all those who during the duration of the prize operation, reporting the promotional code (MGM306679338), requires the opening of the current account Hello! Money within the 09/12/2019.

To get the promotion, you have to go to the official website of HELLO BANK and click on the link OPEN ACCOUNT HELLO BANK: IN GIFT FOR YOU A GOOD AMAZON OF 200 EURO! With the good Amazon purchase worth 200.00 (including VAT), you can make purchases online through the website. with a ten-year maturity; the ?to climb? voucher, that is usable for more purchases (the residue will remain in the form of credit in Amazon).

Get Amazon vouchers with internet surveys

Another method that allows you to get Amazon vouchers totally free that of joining in a survey program. There are several survey sites, in fact, with which you can get Amazon vouchers of different value. All you need to do register and participate in surveys. The best sites currently in circulation are:

  • MySurvey: 5 obtainable with 550 points, 10 with 1100 points, 15 with 1650 and 25 with 2750 points. (Each survey offers an average of 50-100 points).
  • Ipsos I-Say: 10 obtainable with 1111 points. (Each survey offers an average of 50-100 points).
  • High Opinion: 15 obtainable by accumulating 16 rewards in the polls (each survey offers on average 0.50-1.00 euros).
  • Toluna: 25 with 100 thousand points. (Each survey offers an average of 1000 points).

Get Amazon vouchers with Smartphone Apps

There are also several smartphone apps that allow you to get Amazon vouchers completely free. The most important apps that allow you to get the vouchers directly or indirectly are the ones below:

  • Toluna: this app also offers paid surveys.
  • Klikkapromo: app that allows you to receive a virtual discount voucher by purchasing some products from those listed.
  • CheckBonus: allows you to collect points by scanning the barcodes on product packaging and entering large chain stores participating in the program; in addition to Amazon vouchers, points can also be redeemed for fuel vouchers or other online stores.

Follow Amazon's Facebook page

Finally, how last advice we suggest you follow the Facebook page of Amazon where sometimes useful news are received to receive good or discounts on many articles.

Amazon offers many services, some very convenient. In addition to the ones shown in this article, I suggest you also read this guide on how to use Amazon Prime services.

Get free Amazon gift vouchers

Another opportunity to get free Amazon vouchers is to have them donated. Just receive gifts no longer welcome! Now for your birthday you can advise relatives and friends to give you a gift Amazon gift certificate. On the Amazon website you will find all types and an excellent opportunity to choose yourself what you want to buy on the Amazon website.

All the gift vouchers you can recommend to your benefactors are shown on the Gift certificates and top-up. Find gift vouchers of any amount and can also be delivered via a greeting card.