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Amazon Fire HD 8, the proof

Amazon's low-cost tablet is still improving, but its target audience does not change

Price: 109 euros | Vote: 7.5More information: Amazon

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What can you ask a tablet for just over 100 euros? Amazon has its own answer to the question: it's called Fire HD 8 and the last tablet it offers on the market, the final synthesis of its philosophy regarding this category of gadgets. Cheap and easy to use, they must be able to get to as many people as possibleto give everyone the opportunity to enjoy all the good things, digital and otherwise, that the Internet stores have to offer. And if content and products come from Amazon stores, even better.

As the plastic body shows, Fire HD 8 is certainly not the ultimate representative of luxury on the tablet planet, yet robust and durable exactly how a home and travel companion should be; in his hand he is comfortable and does not weigh, and placed on the bedside table or table does not clash. Tremendously optimized also from the point of view of the hardware specifications, it does not boast the most electrifying performance of the current panorama, it does not even come close but guarantees the same to users afully satisfactory experience, almost.

The 8-inch display is probably the aspect on which Amazon has had to compromise to keep the final price down: the bright and good quality Fire HD 8 panel, but the colors reproduced are not particularly vivid and the ideal 1280 × 800 pixel resolution. The books of the Kindle universe can always be read calmly, but with regard to web content, zooming with fingers is a must; the images and videos do not emerge from the screen with particular vivacity but they are however enjoyable, thanks also to stereo speakersdiscreetly powerful, even if positioned in a bizarre way: confined on the left edge of the body, they ensure that when you watch videos in vertical orientation, the sound reaches just one ear.

Inside the processor is now updated a unit MediaTek MT8163 and increases the RAM up to 1.5 GB. Contrary to what happens on other products characterized by this type of technical equipment, the Amazon tablet travels sent in most situations: the apps start almost instantly, go from one screen to another, never causing slowdowns and the animations of which rich Fire OS are always fluid and free of hiccups. The amount of memory on board starts at 16 GB for the cheapest version, but it can be expanded via microSD cards.

As tradition Android practically irriconoscible under the make-up operated by Amazon with its interface. It must be said that the system designed by the house of Jeff Bezos now mature: the pages that separate apps, books, videos (finally available the Prime Video catalog), games and purchases are as comfortable as ever and, apart from widgets, the lack of Android home screens is not particularly noticeable. Of course, for anyone with the tablet wanting to do something different than consuming content the frustrating situation: Fire HD 8 not made to be customized and adapted to the habits of users and the only shortcuts that will always be in the foreground are those that lead to the contents and stores of the company.

The discourse is linked to the one on app availability which for years has characterized the Amazon platform. The virtual showcase of the company, as well as Fire OS, has now reached maturity, stopping to chase the Android Play Store in the race for the number of apps to focus on the model of few but good and on free offers. On the one hand, the strategy chosen turned out to be full of meaning: the essential apps are all available (or there are worthy substitutes), and the offers on games and software they are really tasty for those who haunt the store in a distracted way; on the other hand those who are used to using a specific mail client or a particular photo editor that is so difficult to find them all, and just as difficult to choose Fire HD 8 as your election tablet.

The result, as usual, that the potential audience of users of the tablet confined to those who do not care for the Google ecosystem, to Prime subscribers or to those who simply want a smart device with which to enjoy videos, photos, social networks and games from the living room or on the road. This audience will only be able to appreciate the latest version of the Amazon tablet: again compared to the past and last year it offers an even more difficult value for money to beat and an experience certainly not spectacular but more than adequate for a use without claims. For 109 euros it is difficult to ask for more; anyone looking for something better or more flexible will have to prepare to spend at least twice as much.WiredNumerous functions to limit the use of the tablet to minors in the family. Battery duration also suitable for binge watching

TiredAlexa, the most significant novelty planned for the new generation of tablets, not available in Italy. Cameras to forget


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