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Amazon brings Alexa to the $ 80 Kindle tablet

The tablet continues to focus on extremely affordable prices, but the arrival of the voice assistant is a strategic move

(Photo: Amazon)(Photo: Amazon)

There is a hidden novelty within the latter Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet launched in these days by Amazon: the voice assistant Alexa, that Jeff Bezos's group initially developed for his living room speaker Echo and that strangely had not yet made his debut on the successful series of cheap tablets. Initially active only in the United States, the voice assistant will help tablet users navigate the world of Amazon services and supported apps.

The specifications of the tablet for the rest as usual do not make you dream, indeed, they are designed to ensure smooth operation and little more to the product. The 8-inch diagonal display has resolution 1280 800 pixels and operations are handled by a MediaTek quad-core processor accompanied by 1.5 GB of RAM. Internal memory from 16 or 32 GB fortunately expandable while the operating system Fire OSincludes interesting features such as the screening of blue light at night and an app store with many free offers, and as usual designed to provide users with direct and unambiguous access to Amazon services (instead of Google). The priority the wallet: Kindle Fire HD 8 will arrive in Italy starting from 109 euros.

(Photo: Amazon)(Photo: Amazon)

The reasons why Alexa does not yet support Italian are probably two: on the one hand the algorithms that govern its activity in our language are still to be perfected; on the other, even the Amazon services supported by us are not yet all present. The company could have in mind rapid expansion also in other countries, and use the tablet just to extend the Alexa user base beforehand. In any case, now that the software has landed on a tablet, it will have to deal with Google's voice assistant, but also with Siri and Cortana, on board Apple and Microsoft products respectively.


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