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Activate Dark Mode in macOS Majove only in some applications

One of the main innovations of the new MacOS operating system Mojave la "Dark Mode?, The visual modality that transforms the look of the Apple operating system with darker colors and that puts more emphasis on the contents. It may be that this function is not welcome or not desired in some applications. By default, Apple does not provide the ability to disable or enable Dark Mode, but a fixed function on all the software you use.

If this is your concern, the guide we have written suggests a little trick that will allow you to activate this new "dark" mode only in certain operations or only in some applications. Read on to find out how.

Activate Dark Mode in macOS Majove only in some applications

Activate Dark Mode in macOS

If you have upgraded your Mac to the new MacOS Mojave operating system, surely you have already tested the new "Dark Mode" feature. Although very beautiful and useful, this new mode for "traditionalists" may seem to some even a bit "invasive", as the look of the Mac changes completely. Fortunately, with a simple trick you can activate the new Dark mode only in some applications. All this is possible through a command that you will have to type on the Terminal.

Procedure to disable the Dark Mode in some apps

First, enable the traditional look (Light) in the General section of System Preferences. After that you will have to type in Terminal a command so composed " defaults write (EXACT NAME OF THE APPLICATION YOU WANT TO MODIFY)NSWindowDarkChocolate -bool true "

For example, if you want to modify the Finder, you will need to write:

defaults write NSWindowDarkChocolate -bool true

Obviously, the command changes according to the name of the application when you go to add the exact name instead of the word "finder".

After entering the above command, log out (menu Apple> Log out). At the first start, the chosen application will be shown with the Dark effect even if this aspect is not set in the System Preferences. Obviously, to restore the operation you will need to change the final word true to false. Changes are always visible when the application is started (you may need to exit and restart the application).

To avoid making mistakes, for the first few times we offer some examples of how the formula should be written with a specific application.

To add the Dark mode to the Calendar, the command:

defaults write NSWindowDarkChocolate -bool true

For the application Photo:

defaults write NSWindowDarkChocolate -bool true

In some cases, applications will show items with a "less dark" mode than the one that is activated by selecting the option from the General Preferences.

Haven't MacOS Mojave installed yet because your Mac is not compatible? So maybe you might like to read this other guide.