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2018 Sanremo Festival winners: the Watson supercomputer got it right

The 2018 Sanremo Festival Winners are Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro- The super Computer Watson has guessed the predictions, analyzing 400,000 conversations on social media to understand it. He applied artificial intelligence and eventually made his own list of the 3 favorite songs. Guess 2 out of 3.

THE winners of the Sanremo 2018 festival are Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, the Watson supercomputer got the winners right with a high-tech forecast made on the first night of the Festival, analyzing social conversations. The IBM Watson supercomputer went to work to find out who would win Sanremo 2018 and analyzed 400,000 conversations on Sanremo 2018.

2018 Sanremo Festival winners

2018 Sanremo Festival winners, forecasts

The final ranking provided by the Watson supercomputer was:

1) Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro 2) The Kolors 3) The Welfare State

Watson got the winners right, he then predicted Lo Stato Sociale in third place, the group arrived second instead. The Kolors, on the other hand, came only ninth, while the super computer gave them second place.

2018 Sanremo Festival Winners: Complete standings

  • 1 Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro
  • 2 Social Status
  • 3 Annalisa
  • 4 Ron
  • 5 Ornella Vanoni with Bungaro and Pacifico
  • 6 Max Gazz
  • 7 Luca Barbarossa
  • 8 Diodato and Roy Paci
  • 9 The Kolors
  • 10 Giovanni Caccamo
  • 11 Vibrations
  • 12 Enzo Avitabile and Peppe Servillo
  • 13 Renzo Rubino
  • 14 Noemi
  • 15 Red Canzian
  • 16 Decibel Letter to the Duke
  • 17 Nina Zilli
  • 18 Roby Facchinetti
  • 19 Mario Biondi See you again
  • 20 Elio and the strained stories Arrivedorci

2018 Sanreno Festival Winners

The songs of the 2018 Sanremo Festival are most appreciated by social media

Who will win Sanremo 2018?

The most popular songs, according to social media analysis performed by IBM's Watson supercomputer, were in order:

1) The world before you, by Annalisa2) Never stop looking for me, of Naomi3) Learning to love each other, Ornella Vanoni, Bungaro and Pacifico

Positive comments also forAdesso (Diodato and Roy Paci) and you haven't done anything with Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro.

Festival of Sanremo 2018 who wins in the look

Who will win Sanremo 2018?

As for the look, it is the most elegant for the people of the social media Annalisa, followed by The Kolors and Max Gazz, with many criticisms expressed on the various participants.

So the Watson supercomputer that makes (also) forecasts on Sanremo

Watson a supercomputer from IBM, a cognitive content analysis platform that analyzes "structured and unstructured data, revealing trends and schemes capable of increasing the effectiveness of decision-making processes. In practice it analyzes all that exists digitally on a subject and suggests the best decisions. It is used for medical diagnosis, for economic decisions and in this case to predict who will win Sanremo 2018. It uses technologies such as Machine Learning, natural language and API (programming interfaces) and learns over time.