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15 fantastic games like Team Fortress 2 that you should try

Team Fortress 2 definitely a great game, but an old game and could get a little boring after a while. So if you're already bored of Team Fortress 2 and want to try new games that sound or look like it in one way or another, then we've got something great for you. We present a perfectly maintained list of games that is quite similar to Team Fortress 2 in both gameplay, mechanics or graphics. So check out the 15 fantastic games like Team Fortress 2 below.

The best games like Team Fortress 2

1. Overwatch

Overwatch like an updated version of Team Fortress 2 that focuses more on fast-paced gameplay and flashy characters . Overwatch is a fantastic arena shooter that combines FPS and MOBA elements together to bring you the best of both worlds. In this game, you have to face your enemy in a 5 out of 5 game. You have to build your team with different class characters ranging from tanks, mounts to assassins. If you don't build a balanced team, the enemy will have an advantage and will always have an upper hand over you. If you want to have fun with a fast-paced shooter with vibrant colors and fantastic characters, Overwatch is definitely a game not to be missed. the closest to Team Fortress 2 you get.

Download ($ 49, 99)

2. Gotham City setters

The name could fool you into thinking that this is another superhero game that has to do with the city of the Dark Knight. However, Gotham City Impostors as a new interpretation of the Team Fortress 2 formula where you can use different classes in a multiplayer shooter. you can play like the Batman impostors or the prankster band . There are more classes for both teams. If you're looking for fun then Gotham City Impostors is definitely a perfect game. You can do strange and exciting things in the game. Zip-lining through buildings as it rains grenades on your enemies, blowing your enemies with a do-it-yourself rocket launcher, and much more.

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3. Block N Load

If Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft decide to have a child, then it will definitely be Block N Load because this game mixes the products of both games and offers you a immensely fun and exciting gameplay . This game is full of different characters to keep things interesting while at the same time incorporating simple graphics like Minecraft to keep everything simple. The game perfectly balanced and you will realize that almost all the role of the characters practicable without anyone having great disadvantages. If you want a simple, exciting and fun shooter that plays Minecraft graphics, then Block N Load is definitely worth a try.

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4. LawBreakers

If you like demanding games physically and mechanically, you'll love LawBreakers because this game all to challenge the laws of physics and rain bullets on your enemies from any angle . Get ready to perform complex maneuvers in the air and outsmart your enemies in this exciting shooter. In this game, you become part of the Law or of LawBreakers who always try to outsmart the law. Get ready to guess your enemies with bullets and bombs in this exciting shooter. The game consists of always being in flight and performing complex maneuvers in the air to confuse the enemies while they make rain bullets on them. If you want an exciting and adrenaline shooter, LawBreakers is the game for you.

Download ($ 10, 49)

5. Paladins

Paladins as a direct rival of Overwatch with its perfect mix of MOBA and FP elements. However, if you are looking for something like Team Fortress 2, then even the paladins will fill that void. The paladins are characterized by MOBA elements, but the main objective of the game is the character customization using a unique feature of the card that makes things a little more complex for newbies. It also focuses on playing on a larger map while the Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 focus on small cartographic skirmishes. Paladins a very lively and colorful game with a frantic gameplay. If you want to have fun with an adrenaline game, try the Paladins and you won't be disappointed.

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6. Battleborn

Battleborn a Fighting arena shooter that sounds like Team Fortress and Overwatch . This game also offers a lively and colorful graphic style that will surely interest you. The game offers you a great series of characters that come with unique skills and characteristics. Each character is useful when building your team. This way you can always create a balanced team with more unique characters to gain an advantage. Battleborn packs more MOBA elements than any other shooter game on this list. like a first person shooter MOBA that offers a great gaming experience.

Download ($ 29, 99)

7. Dirty bomb

Dirty Bomb another fast-paced shooter yes focuses on classy characters to add more complexity and excitement to the gameplay . The game focuses mainly on achieving goals and teamwork. If you perform an excellent team game, permanently destroy your enemies. The characters of the game are known as mercenaries and each merc has a unique skill and trait. The difference between Team Fortress and Dirty Bomb is the fact that TF2 is a relaxed game while Dirty Bomb offers a more mature theme. Even all mercenaries sometimes use a vulgar and mature language. Dirty Bomb also a bit slow in gameplay compared to Team Fortress or Overwatch.

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8. Warframe

Warframe a fantastic futuristic shooter that very exciting. Warframe is a free game where you can play as futuristic ninjas who want to save their world. If you don't sell to the game by hearing about ninja, then there is definitely something wrong with you. Seriously, Warframe is a great game with a third-person perspective. Get a lot of skills that come with ninja seeds. Each skill helps you in various situations. You can also play in co-op with your friends and become the ultimate ninja clan to take down your enemies. If you're looking for a futuristic shooter, try Warframe.

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9. Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 an exclusive for Nintendo Switch that deals with the shooter genre with a style and game graphics more suitable for children . Instead of going around shooting bullets on all your enemies, in this game you can spray ink everywhere. The real fun mode in Splatoon 2 is the Turf War where you can claim and dominate your territory and spray anyone trying to steal it from you. Very pretty and colorful graphics. You have to ink everything and everyone to win in this game. The very fun multiplayer mode and Splatoon 2 also includes a local multiplayer that allows you to face your friends in a multi-player sofa battle.

Download ($ 63, 95)

10. Giant

Another exclusive Gigantic available for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. A tactical and strategic multiplayer shooter where you can fight against enemies in a 5v5 team game. The game offers a fluid and fast gameplay with particular attention to teamwork and strategy. a third-person shooter just like Warframe and offers a great host of characters with unique power and abilities. Get ready to make flashy maneuvers on the battlefield and eliminate all the last members of the enemy team in this fast-paced shooter. If you are looking for something really colorful and vibrant that matches the style of play of Team Fortress, Gigantic definitely a great game to try.

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11. CrossFire

CrossFire one of the most played multiplayer shooter offering tactically advanced gameplay. This game is very popular in different regions of the world and considered one of the most played shooters online. It is a Military-themed FPS which focuses on two opposing factions fighting it on the battlefield . You can join the positive side of the global risk organization or the terrorist organization known as Black List that is trying to terrorize anyone and everything in sight. The game is very advanced and has a deep gameplay where you can use battle tactics to outsmart your enemies. If you are looking for a very challenging multiplayer shooter, then CrossFire is a must try.

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12. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

If you really like light-hearted shooters that emphasize the fun factor of gameplay, then you'll love the fantastic game Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. This another cartoon-style shooter that focuses on fun mechanics and great gameplay . It offers a great arena shooting experience with cute graphics where you can play as tactically advanced plants or resilient zombies in a deathmatch. Get ready to have fun with new strange weapons and advanced toys in this fantastic shooter. If you thought Team Fortress was the only exciting shooter out there with a crazy game mechanic, then think again because this game offers a lot of fun and crazy mechanics.

Download ($ 14, 99)

13. PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 an all-out war shooter that focuses on huge maps and large-scale battles. This game offers different tools and weapons that you would use in a war. You can pilot fighter planes, control tanks and everything you need in the battle. There are 3 factions that are at war with each other and you can be part of any of these. Start your journey in each of these factions and start waging war against your enemies. The maps are huge and you will find that there are about 50 players playing on a single map, the which makes the game more interesting as there are more and more enemies to kill. If you want a shooter with an all-out war theme, this is perfect.

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14. Alliance of Valiant Arms

The Valiant Arms alliance, also known as AVA, a military-themed first-person shooter that incorporates many military-style tactics and strategies into its gameplay. You can join a clan and jump straight to the battlefield action in this addictive game. The alliance of Valiant Arms yes focus on military-style gameplay where you can enjoy different roles like a sniper, a point man, etc. Test your fighting skills in the numerous and exciting multiplayer modes that will surely keep you tied for a long time. Moreover, you can collaborate with your friends for cooperative missions that are also very fun to play. If you want a more military shooter, this is the perfect game for you.

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15. Loading

loadout very similar to Team Fortress 2 both in game style and in graphic style . Loadout an arena shooter with a very fast pace where everything and everyone is destroyed. There are no rules in this game and you are free to blow everything up with extraordinarily powerful weapons and gadgets. Experience exaggerated and flashy action in this exciting shooter that focuses on high-level customizations. Customize and create weapons with thousands of different combinations. Start blowing up stuff and destroy destruction on your enemies. If you think Team Fortress is exciting, wait to try Loadout because it will surely leave you speechless.

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Ready to play Team Fortress 2?

Get ready to experience the fantastic shooter gameplay in these fantastic games. If you are a fan of Team Fortress 2 then you will feel like at home playing one of these fantastic games as they share some common elements. Also, don't hesitate to tell us about any other games that you believe are similar to Team Fortress 2.