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World Cup, Waze adds balloons to maps and launches the challenge

The navigator application has added extra points of interest: passing over the balls you score a goal for your national team

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<p><strong>Have you ever dreamed of scoring a goal at the World Cup?</strong> With Waze you can. The application – <strong>acquired by Google in 2013 for about $ 1 billion</strong> – has launched a promotional initiative linked to the Brazilian Cup. The fields are the streets of the whole world, and we are the players.</p><div class=

Waze, a social media app where users – up until July 13 and from iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices – will be able to support their favorite team while they are driving. To users who want to participate the national flag will appear on the avatar and receive a notification whenever the real team will play.

But with Waze you can support your team in another way: earning bonuses on the road. On the maps of his app, Waze added elementsextra football theme. When users reach them, they will allow their team (composed of all Wazer with the same flag on the avatar) to get 3 points.

Waze Goodies

We therefore challenge ourselves in one global battle where teams are users and victory at the top of the rankings. To support the initiative, Waze has created a minisite to allow users to keep their position under control at all times. Right now fourth Italy and third France, so let's make a move too.


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