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With MoviePlayer, iPod becomes video

California-based Nyko Technologies, one of the companies specializing in peripherals for gaming and interactive entertainment, joins manufacturers that support iPods. During the CES, the consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas is presenting several gadgets dedicated to the Apple player.

The most interesting MoviePlayer, a peripheral that promises to transform iPod into a real multimedia center capable of reproducing not only photos but also videos. The description of the system that makes it in the press release still approximate, but from the few details revealed it is understood that it will be reserved for the iPod photo and that it will be equipped with an integrated control system and additional to that of the iPod.

Nyko will also present iTop, a small device capable of transferring iPod controls from the front to the top of the iPod so that it can be maneuvered in a different position than the one needed with the integrated control system.

Among the other interesting products, Charter Case is an iPod power reserve, able to charge iPod three times without being connected to electricity before being recharged in turn

Speaker Dock a table stand that integrates a speaker to listen to music directly from iPod without headphones, Universal Car Mount a car holder, iBoost an additional battery that prolongs listening for up to 16 hours. StereoLink, instead, a RCA connector and FireWire Adapter, a connection system that allows to increase the performance in terms of data transfer of iPod to and from the computer.

All products, whose price has not yet been revealed, should be available in the US within the first few weeks of this year.