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With iTunes offers for Asia

Apple once again proves to be a company that thinks really different. After modifying the home page of its sites to launch an appeal in favor of Asia hit by the Tsunami, now Cupertino transforms the iTunes Music Store, its most popular e-commerce tool, into a means to show solidarity with the immense tragedy.

In the American version of the iTunes Music Store, in fact, an offer donation system was integrated, completely managed by Apple's payment system. Thanks to it, you can make payments to the American Red Cross.

As specified (and illustrated here on the side) in the special screen, to support the survivors of the tsunami catastrophe, Apple urges the digital music store's customers to donate 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 dollars, at a time, to the US section of the Red Cross, no tax will be applied to these figures, they will entirely arrive in the coffers of the meritorious body, Apple itself will not apply any mark-up on these transactions and the Red Cross owes nothing to Apple for the service.

The account already registered for the purchase of music will be reloaded with these figures and a receipt will arrive via email from Apple's accounting system as if you had purchased a digitized disk.

In Italy, where Red Cross operates through the Italian Red Cross, Apple contextually modified the main page of the iTunes Music Store to support donations, but the modes are different from the American ones, even if the visibility is still significant.

In fact, there is a link to and from here to the Italian Red Cross and then everyone will have to click on "Help the C.R.I." if you want to finance the institution.

We recall that immediately after the Tsunami MacityNet also echoed the initiatives undertaken, gathering them all on a special page.