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Windows 10, even the mini tablets can use the mobile version

The future Windows update makes display restrictions less restrictive; 7 inch mini tablets and 9 mega smartphones will be supported

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

The next big Windows update coming this summer will give smartphone and tablet manufacturers the freedom to install different versions of the operating system on a wider range of gadgets. With the Anniversary Update announced in March, Microsoft intends to make the limitations in terms of screen size less restrictive, which currently define on which devices the smartphone version must be installed and on which it is possible to switch to the PC and tablet version .

Starting from this summer therefore all the devices with diagonal of the screen up to 9 inches (well beyond the threshold of the phablets) will be able to mount Windows 10 in Mobile version, if so chosen by the manufacturer; in the same way the builders who prefer to install the classic version of the system they can do it on mini tablets with panels up to 7 inches diagonally. The separation between tablets and phones by Microsoft has so far been clear, well defined on the 8 inch threshold; now that the Windows variants are becoming more and more unified, the times seem ripe because the boundary between the two worlds begins to fade.


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