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WhatsApp problems with quoted messages: what to do if they do not appear

Several users are experiencing problems with the WhatsApp application for Android and in particular with "quoted" messages. The anomaly does not allow you to view the "cited" messages in a chat, because, after selecting a message and forwarding it with the appropriate arrow-shaped command, it does not appear as "quoted" or "quoted ". This is a bug that is literally driving Android users crazy in the last few hours, but which, fortunately, can be solved quickly and easily. If you have encountered problems with listed messages on WhatsApp, all you have to do is follow this guide.

WhatsApp problems with quoted messages: here's how to resolve if you can't see the messages "cited" in chat

WhatsApp problems with quoted messages

If you have noticed that after having forwarded a message on WhatsApp this does not appear in chat as "quoted" or "quoted", then you probably also encountered this type of bug that is occurring with the latest Android version of the application .

It is a problem that is far from negligible, as it does not allow you to view the "quoted" messages to which you want to respond, creating no small confusion within the chat. To get an idea of ??the type of bug, a user posted the following video on the @WABeataInfo Twitter profile.

Fortunately, there is already a solution, albeit "unofficial". To remedy the error, in fact, it is necessary to simply close and reopen the application and therefore the relative chat reference. In this way you can find the message normally mentioned in the chat. Not always, however, happens with the first attempt. In that case, all you have to do is repeat the operation several times until the mention of the previous note works properly.

This is obviously a temporary solution, waiting for the WhatsApp developers to take action and finally fix the bug by releasing a new version of the app for Android.