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Two effective remedies against junk mail

Two services to clean up too many newsletters in your mailbox, without having to look for ways to unsubscribe

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<p>One of the evils that afflicts modern society, along with the tiger mosquitoes and the seeds in the watermelon, are without a doubt<strong> unwanted newsletters.</strong> Today we present to you two very comfortable tools suitable for all those who, like me, wanted to cut wild spam. If the Unsubscribe function of Gmail were not enough, they are the best and fastest way to remedy too much enthusiasm.</p>
<p>The first is called<strong> unsubscriber </strong>and works with most email providers: once you sign up Unsubscriber you will create a label in the panel to the left of your inbox. To unsubscribe from the newsletters, just drag them onto the label and he will automatically intercept the sender and cestiner for all those emails.</p><div class=

For those who would rather make a more refined selection we propose instead UnRoll.Me:with a single click, UnRoll.Me. check your e-mail identifying subscriptions and newsletters; at that point it will be you decide manually what to stay in and what not.

But the service does not end here: very comfortably you can roll-up the newsletters you are interested in by aggregating them in a single email, that at this point, you will decide when to receive and how often.

A big step for the final release of email accounts from junk mail.


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