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Travel from iPhone to iPhone 4s

This article is a tribute to an iconic legendary innovator who changed our lives forever with some of the impeccable and futuristic gadgets produced by the company, whose foundation was thrown by him.

You will remain in our hearts forever. Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The world this October became a witness to the new generation of gadgets that was secretly developed by Apple Inc. and launched in the United States in 2007 and turned out to be a turning point in the iPhone 4S mobile phone market.

Travel from iPhone to iPhone 4s

In 2007 Apple has shown the world what you can do with your phone, as well as making calls and sending messages with the iPhone launch. The gadget has completely changed the mobile phone market and a term called smartphone has been devised. Phones made people's lives easier.

criticism : the phone has been criticized for its connectivity problems.

In 2008 came the next generation of iPhone, iPhone 3G. It was a big step and definitely better than its predecessor.

criticism : still the critics have not closed their mouths and discussed about the camera and other phone capabilities.

In 2009 With the launch of iPhone 3GS and a strong app store, Apple has dominated the mobile phone market. Competition: Google came with a big push of the Android mobile operating system. The center of gravity began to shift, but the apple never lost the battle.

In 2010 he has launched its most recent version iPhone4, which was absolutely complimented by Apple's reputation.

Competition : the main rivals like Samsung that gradually conquered a big market share turned out to have a winning card called Samsung super smart phone of the Galaxy series that not only equaled the hardware and software capabilities of the iconic phone, but also conquered the iPhone in some areas.

In 2011 to meet the state and the point of reference of what Apple built a few years ago, Apple finally arrived with a new wine in the old bottle of iPhone 4S.