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Translate text from image with iPhone

Little known but very useful function of Google translator which allows you to convert text taken from an image instantly by simply using your mobile device. Have you ever experienced the disappointment of using an escoprire device user manual that is not written in Italian? Or, to go to dinner at a restaurant abroad and the waiter, who does not speak Italian, hands you a menu written in the local language? Not to mention driving directions in a foreign country, written in the local language that you can't read. If you found yourself in situations that require a translator, then this article is for you, because it allows you to translate text from an image.

By using your iPhone's camera with the Google Translate app that you will surely have installed on your device, you can immediately translate text images even when it appears in a photo or on a poster that you meet on the street. The translation of the text from the image is an operation carried out by the app in real time, in the sense that, at the very moment you frame the image with the camera, you will see the translation of the text on the screen. You just have to place the phone on the foreign language text and the screen will immediately show the translated version in any language. If you are curious about how to translate text from images continue reading.

How to translate text from image with iPhone

Download Google Translate for iPhonetranslate text from image 1

To translate text from an image with iPhone using the Apple device camera, you need to download the free third-party application Google translatorfrom the App Store. To download and install Translatoron the phone, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the iPhone Home screen, click on the App Store icon and downloadGoogle translator.
  • Once the installation is complete, the application icon Google translator will be displayed on the screen.

How to use the iPhone camera to translate text from image

Now that you've installed Google Translate on your iPhone, you can start translating text images with the device. Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the iPhone Home screen and open the Google Translate app.
  • In the Google Translate application, set the language of the text in the image. Here, I chose English.

Translate text from image to iphone

  • Set the language in which you want to translate the text in the image. I chose Spanish for this example.

Translate text from target language image

  • Click on the Camera icon.

Translate text from camera image

  • Pass the camera over the image and you will see real-time translation on the screen. As you can see in the image below, the first screen shows the word in the original language, the second, in translated language.

Translate text from image translation

  • Done. The text image displayed on the iPhone was immediately translated into the selected language.

In addition to displaying the translation in real time on the device screen, you can also get the translation in text format in the Google Translate app. Useful when you need to use the translation in text format to insert it into a document. Read on to find out how.

After identifying the text to be translated, open the app Translatorof Google and follow the same previous procedure. When you click on the camera button to view the text in the original language, click on the red button as if you were taking a photo.

At this point you have to click on the only icon that you find on the right side of the screen, as you see in the screenshot.

Translate text from image format text

You will see that the text will be scanned on the screen and after the procedure is completed, the translated text will appear at the top followed by a blue arrow.

Translate text from blue button image

Click on the blue arrow and you will immediately see the text already translated, as if you had typed it from the keyboard.

Translate text from image translated text

Now, after activating the procedure to translate text from image, you will see the translated text in the section with a blue background. You can copy it by pressing on this part of the text with a finger and it will be copied to the clipboard to be able to paste it wherever you want. This is a very useful function on several occasions, especially when traveling to foreign countries.

Be careful, because when the text to be translated is too long, it could happen that strange signs appear on the screen instead of some translated word. This happens because the phrase was not scanned well by the camera. To solve, try moving or tilting the iPhone differently and you will see that the incomprehensible signs become letters of the text.

Solutions for transcribing text from images on the computer

This we have seen a very useful solution to use on your iPhone, but if you have an image with text resident on the computer and want to transcribe it? Instead of transferring it to your iPhone and using the same language as a translation and then transcribing the text, it would be much more convenient to do this directly on the desktop. For this purpose, we started a search to find tools that can be used directly online and offline.

In the article that you will find at the following link, I will show you some solutions on how to extract text from images from the computer, recommending 4 tools for OCR to be used both directly from the web and downloading them to your computer. Some of these are tools that we use daily asMicrosoft OneNote orGoogle Drive, but we did not know that they also had this function.