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The worst online behaviors, the examples on social media

The list of the worst online behaviors. There seems to be a general deterioration in certain online behaviors. Here we have identified the worst online behaviors of people (the real ones)

What are the worst online behaviors of people? By definition, a software or hardware with artificial intelligence can credibly simulate the behavior of a human being. And when it comes to real people? How human are we as users, in our daily digital interactions?

By Emanuela Zaccone, social TV enterpreneur, Social media strategist & analist **

While on the one hand there is a growing race for artificial intelligence, one of the most widespread new buzzwords, so much so as to give the impression that companies do nothing but work in this direction – on the other there seems to be a general worsening of certain online behaviors. Here we have identified the worst online behaviors and on people's social networks (the real ones)

Worst online behavior: in ascending order

1) Ridicule content from others without worrying about the consequences: how many times have you come across a video that has become viral, a case of all: that of the Banca Intesa branch in Castiglione delle Stiviere created for a contest within the company and facilitated its diffusion without thinking that maybe the protagonists were traceable and therefore would be harassed and mocked directly and personally by other users? Yes, usually the question is dismissed with an age to laugh: but does it really make us laugh to receive n private messages of insults for something that should not even have been public? Among the worst online behaviors, for sure.

2) Create or participate in derision groups towards certain categories of people: a distinction is necessary here. An account to create comedy-satirical groups among the many, the Facebook page of Il Signor Destro section, which often pushes itself to the limit of good rules of respect, another to create real groups that incite allusion (racial, religious, political) in aggressive tones. Social media provide users with various tools to protect the individual and the community in a broad sense, for example by reporting pages or content that violates the established rules. In general due to their proliferation it does not cease and often functions as a collector of aggression. Enter and support these groups I certainly do among the worst online behaviors. And when so much violence is organized on social media and then materialized into real actions? You know the answer.

3) Use deliberately aggressive tones and terms: one of the most frequent cases, which finds its outlet especially in insults to politicians or supporters of positions different from those of the user who attacks them. Just look at the tones used by the anti-vaccinists in the comments on Roberto Burioni's posts or the tones used with reference to Laura Boldrini (which in fact a while ago publicly complained about these practices). As if the calm and civilized confrontation we have been or at least should have been – educated in personal interactions is not valid on social media. Verbal violence is always among the worst online behaviors

4) Directly attacking known or foreign users: usually the next step to the previous one, especially when it comes to known personalities, politicians, famous people who find themselves the private messages invaded by insults. And not only that, it also applies to their official pages. To not mention all the cases of mention of accounts and pages. The difference with what was described in the previous point that we usually see a serialization of these behaviors: a sort of digital stalking that becomes a real torment for the victims of these objectives.

banal reduce i keyboard lions to a social media product: they are not new in the digital world. They are at least as old as the Internet, because objectively easy to insult and judge simply by using a smartphone or a computer keyboard. On the other hand, the reason why these behaviors have spread so quickly and clearly that there is so much impulse and little thought behind it.

The worst online behaviors: the reasons

But as in many other cases not to blame the medium but the way in which it is used. For all these serious behaviors the minimum union of intelligence to be applied to check them would consist in asking: would I do the same out of a digital channel? Partly a rhetorical question: obviously not. (Almost) nobody would assume certain behaviors. But partly a complex question. These media have accustomed us and enabled us to new ways of interacting that partly change our usual behavior. It does not mean that they lift us from thinking before acting. In any case, the question remains legitimate. And then one wonders: if we were to program a truly artificial intelligence, would we want it to behave in such a little human way?

worst online behaviors

The list of the worst online behaviors

** Emanuela Zaccone: Digital Entrepreneur, co-founder and Marketing & Product Manager of He has over 10 years of experience as a consultant and lecturer in social media analysis and strategy for large companies, startups and universities. author of Digital Entrepreneur: principles, practices and skills for her own startup (Franco Angeli, 2016) and Social Media Monitoring: from conversations to strategy (Flaccovio, 2015).