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The tablet that becomes a Transformer robot

A partnership between Xiaomi and Hasbro gives life to a Transformer that changes into a tablet (but that doesn't work)

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The unpublished partnership between Xiaomi and toy manufacturer Hasbro will delight both the nostalgics of the 1980s cartoons and the inveterate geeks. The two companies have indeed joined forces to create a hybrid of two of their most famous products: a special edition of the Transformer Soundwave robot able to change shape e take on the appearance of a tablet.

Times that change: the character of the original series turned into a tape player, while this twenty-first century version could end up attracting the attention of those who have never seen an audiocassette in their life. The tablet will obviously not work, but look like an authentic Mi Pad 2, a model produced by the Chinese company. For the latter, this is an effective advertising move, but even for Hasbro the operation seems to have only positive implications: the gadget (transformable and reconstituted in 30 steps) will still cost $ 26, and if the operation is successful, the collaboration between the two houses could extend to other products.


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