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The Mac, your videophone

Mac, your videophone

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E-mail is the strategic application for the Internet and its decisive development for the success of a platform. This is the opinion of Apple expressed in a staff search announcement published on its website. The message aimed at identifying a candidate to work on an e-mail application, also draws the profile of an e-mail system integrated with an Internet messaging on the ICQ style. ?We are looking for an engineer – the text reads – that is able to implement a series of host functions in the client. These include instant messaging, the possibility of collecting work groups, and the distribution of content in streams ". From these few words it seems to understand that Apple intends to realize within MacOs X more than a simple e-mail system a network system that locally and remotely allows you to keep in touch with groups of users by exchanging e-mail messages but also videos. This application could easily be a kind of phone substitute when the network has reached a speed sufficient to support the stream (obviously in QT …) of images and voice. In practice, if our imagination does not take us too far, we could imagine a future in which from our Mac we will be able to "call" a user located on an Ethernet network or connected to the Internet. If our contact is present in front of the machine we can connect, talk to him and see him, if we are not there we can leave him a message. All this, of course, could also be a reality on laptops when wireless and broadband Internet will become common.

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