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The big brothers

The big brothers

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The arrival of PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's strong support for the standard will be the two dominant factors in the coming months in the FireWire field. The opinion of FireWire World that takes stock of the status of the IEEE 1394 release after the conference held last week in San Jos. The launch of PSX2, according to the site, will have a huge impact on the acceptance of FireWire as a system common for connecting peripherals. That the new generation PlayStation, which will arrive in the West around the month of October, can be a strong vehicle for FireWire, even the opinion of some specialized investigation companies that support, in particular, that to benefit from it will also be the use of the standard as home network system. The PSX2 should be distributed in 20 million copies within a few months and with a similar market penetration it is very likely that many peripheral and computer manufacturers decide to use FireWire connectors. Equally important is the support that Microsoft has guaranteed to IEEE 1394 in future releases of its operating system. Inevitably, when it comes to accepting standards, the conviction with which Redmond looks at them ends up influencing the PC market and even in this case there is no exception. After a moment of coldness, Windows producers seem to have decided to follow the development of FireWire closely so as to be present in force in San Jos. Some of the conferences held by Microsoft, such as the one on FireWire networks via TCP / IP and the plug and play in Windows with FireWire suggest that Bill Gates engineers are serious about it. And this will also benefit those who, like us, use different operating systems.

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