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SwiftKey becomes free

The alternative keyboard born on Android is now free in anticipation of landing on iOS. Only the additional themes will be paid for via in-app purchase

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

It was one of the most downloaded paid apps in the Play Store, the Android app digital store. Now SwiftKey, the alternative keyboard that since 2010 has contributed to the evolution of predictive keyboards and to spread the use of drag in screen writing, become free. Or almost: the developers have decided to focus everything on in-app purchases, that is, to make the hundreds of themes available for payment to personalize the appearance of the keyboard.

The move comes close to Apple's announcement that alternative keyboards will eventually be installed on the new version of its iPhone and iPad operating system. And since SwiftKey has always been a guarantee on Android, but among iOS users practically unknown, perhaps the company management decided to focus on this approach to attract an audience curious to try a new product at the lowest possible price.


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