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Slingshot appears on the App Store (and then disappears)

Facebook accidentally publishes the app on the Store and picks it up at a run. But it will come soon

(Photo: Facebook)(Photo: Facebook)

Slingshot, the app developed by Facebook for disposable messaging, available on the App Store for iOS platforms for a few minutes. After peeping into the virtual store of Russia, India, Australia and New Zealand on June 9, it quickly disappeared, hastily retreated. According to Facebook it was a mistake: the app was not yet intended for publication, although it will actually be launched soon.

Slingshot was born as rival of Snapchat, that Zuckerberg had tried to buy in vain (referring to WhatsApp). It allows you to send videos and pictures to friends, to which you can add text; before you can view them, however, you must reply by sending content in turn. After that, just the time to look at what arrived and the message is deleted (it remains to be seen how long it takes before the cancellation).


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