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Shoot The Ads, advertising becomes social

The app developed by Iquii allows you to comment and share advertising on social media

(Photo: Shoot The Ads)(Photo: Shoot The Ads)

everywhere, always. We are so surrounded by the advertising that we have now made ourselves a habit. If more often than not the announcements leave us indifferent, or at most bother us, they rarely leave the hoped mark. The goal of Shoot The Ads 2.0, the app developed by the Italians Iquii, just that of revolutionize the world of advertising starting from the taste and direct feedback of its recipients.

But how? Imagine meeting with your eyes a billboard on the metro: if it tells you something, that it is the ugliest ever seen or what you would hang in the room, immortalize it with your smartphone. Download the app, open the ad image e modify it with texts, filters, stickers (Like, Dislike, Epic fail, Bella, etc.) At this point all that remains is share it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or via WhatsApp, email or MMS (does anyone still use them?). Have your say, in short, and you will influence the future of advertising with your opinion.

The idea born from our old acquaintance, a personality from the world of storytelling:Paolo Iabichino, teacher of social media marketing and digital communication at various Italian universities. With Stefano Gnasso author of the essay Existential Marketing (Hoepli), to be released June 12, a book that reaffirms the need for bring back the attention of the advertising on the individual as a human being and not a mere uncritical consumer. Lapp Shoot The Ads to be placed in this context: a tool to understand the evolution of advertising and its effective power starting from what its users think.

Shoot The Ads 2.0, available for iOS or Android, downloadable for free.


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