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Samsung wants Dragon Dictation

According to an indiscretion gathered by the Wall Street Journal, Koreans would be interested in taking Nuance home, which is also behind the speech recognition of Siri

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<p>That of the <strong>Vocal recognition</strong> is becoming an increasingly strategic area in the world of technology: between smartwatches and digital assistants, the devices of the future will have to be able to <strong>understand our words</strong> efficiently and quickly. This is why we want to know what is the purpose of making Nuance Communications, a highly-regarded multinational software company specializing in this branch (<strong>Dragon Dictation</strong>  one of the most used products in the consumer field), so important. Especially now that a report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that Samsung would be willing to buy the company.</p>
<p>The publication of the indiscretion goes back to a few hours ago, but, according to the deep throat that he spoke with the WSJ, <strong>some preliminary meetings</strong> on the subject they would have been held long ago. And while it is unclear whether these discussions are bringing the two companies to close some kind of deal or whether they have already ended in nothing, it is worth remembering that Nuance provides its technology to many important companies in the industry.</p><div class=

The most important of these is surely the American Apple, who thanks to Nuance makes nothing else work his voice assistant Siri, one of iOS's killer apps since the iPhone 4S – now competing with Google's Now service and soon with Microsoft's Cortana. If Samsung were to take the company home, Cupertino would have one more reason to resent the home of the Galaxy S.


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