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Samsung launches the Wemogee app for people with speech disorders

Samsung has just announced Wemogee – a free app to help people with speech disorders communicate their emotions effectively. Reports suggest that there are over 3 million people living with aphasia, a disorder that causes the loss of language skills . Usually caused by injuries to the parts of the brain responsible for speaking, reading and writing and putting a lot of negative pressure on the patient's relationships and emotions. However, studies have shown that emojis can help people with aphasia (and similar disorders) express their emotions. Francesca Polini, speech therapist and professor at the University of Milan explains that "i aphasic patients may include emojis because emojis represents all aspects of emotions ".

Wemogee uses this ability of aphasic patients to understand emojis and tries to use them to help them communicate their feelings and emotions with aphasic and non-aphasic people alike. The app contains a list of over a hundred sentences that people may need to use in their daily lives. The app classifies sentences into 6 different categories :

  • Everyday life
  • Eat and drink
  • feelings
  • Help
  • Recreational Activities
  • Anniversaries and celebrations

The Wemogee app designed with the ultimate recipient in mind. So, if the user is not aphasic, he will see text messages in their chat. However, if they are communicating with an aphasic person, the aphasic patient will see emoji instead of text strings. So easy for non-aphasic and aphasic people to communicate with each other using Wemogee. Not only that, Wemogee also works as an excellent practice tool, helping aphasic patients in the treatment of aphasia.

The Android app is already available on Play Store, with the app for iOS coming soon. With Wemogee, Samsung hopes to help even more people communicate with their loved ones, in a way that they can easily access and understand.