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Resonator, headphone amplifier

The American Shinza, specialized in the import of gadgets from Japan, has announced an original pocket-sized amplifier useful for all those who want to listen to (or listen to) iPod music even without complicated or expensive output systems. This is Resonator, a device that connects to the headphones and plays music using the output from the small earpiece speaker.


To make Resonator work, in practice, just fit the earpiece in the special slot inside which there is a microphone that picks up the audio and transmits it to an external speaker.

Shinza guarantees high audio fidelity also thanks to the special headphones supplied in conjunction with the Resonator which won a prize from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO), an entity sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Industry and which offers awards to particular products interest from the design point of view. Obviously Resonator can be used not only for iPods, but also to play audio from other systems that use a headphone plug and have no built-in speaker

Among the technical details of the Resonator we mention: impedance 16 ohm, sensitivity of 102db / 1mw, maximum output 40mw, dynamic range 20 / 20,000 Hz.

The cost for the American market of $ 29.95.